The most popular breed of parrots

Man began to tame animals for a very long time. And if at first they mainly fulfilled the role of assistants, going with the owner to hunt, watchmen of the herd and dwelling from uninvited guests, then over time the animals also became true friends. Today it is difficult to imagine life without a pet, because it is an object of universal love and care. And one of the most beloved friends of man are the feathered parrots.

Funny birds

Keeping this little pet is a snap. It is enough to get a spacious cage, to provide the right food and drink, and also to take care of timely veterinary examination.

What are some domestic birds?

  • Wavy. The most common form, characterized by the ability to learn. Such pets are very social, love the company and easily take root in the family. The average life span of a wavy parrot is 10 years, but with proper care, they can live twice as long. If you regularly engage with your pet, very soon he will delight you with the first sounds and even words.
  • Corella.They are also called Nymphs. This breed is easily recognizable by the characteristic tuft on the head. The height of birds varies within 30 cm. Zoologists recommend that these birds be planted as the first pet, because they do not require special nursing skills, peaceful and not noisy. Teach a corella to talk more difficult than its small wavy brethren, but by showing persistence, they can be taught to memorize and repeat a few simple sentences. Corella perfectly gets on with other species of birds and will be an exemplary neighbor. Also, these small birds love to swim, so the owners should take care of water procedures 1-2 times a week. In food, birds are quite conservative and will be happy, as a special feed, and vegetables / fruits.
  • Amadin. A very popular species of parrots, which has about 30 subspecies. Their height does not exceed 10-11 cm, and the bright color immediately catches the eye. But it is worth remembering that the fins are large cleaners, so the cage will need to be cleaned more often than usual. At the bottom it is best to pour a layer of washed sand and to provide an ambient temperature of +20 degrees.To the pet was comfortable, the cage should be placed in such a way that the sun gets on it no more than 3-4 hours a day. The main battery, which must necessarily be included in every meal of the garden - millet.
  • Jaco. Their homeland is Central Africa. Jaco are the most talkative among the parrots, so to teach them to talk is not difficult. They not only know how to repeat words and sounds, but also very skillfully imitate a human voice. It is also necessary to know that the Jacobs are rather awkward, so before you place a representative of this kind in a cage at home, it is worth going to a veterinary clinic, where he carefully trimmed wings. To ensure that the bird does not splice the wires or other objects during a free walk around the apartment, you need to provide it with several toys in the cage, which you will periodically need to change.
  • Lovebirds. Have a bright color and unpretentious content. These faithful birds choose a couple for life, so if you acquire such a breed, be prepared that you will have two birds. The first rule is the maintenance of such parrots - the cage should not be in a draft.No wonder this breed is recommended for those who first get a pet. Lovebirds are not food demanding; most standard grain mixtures for medium parrots are suitable for them. In general, these are very friendly and friendly pets who will surely respond to your love with affection and cheerful chirping.
  • Macaw. This is one of the largest species of domestic birds. They live a long time - from 30 to 50 years. If the bird is bored, it starts screaming, believing that in this way it can get more attention. It's better to ignore such moments. They are very smart, so ara needs a master who will pay due attention to the learning process. So that the pet does not peck the cage and other household items, it is necessary to provide it with several durable toys. It can be just pieces of wood or wooden crafts.

Parrots are lovely and colorful pets that are never boring. They will surely share their cheerfulness and activity with the loving and caring owner.

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