The order in the house: 11 original ideas for organizing storage

On how your things will be stored, improvement of all house depends. Well-organized systems help maintain order and free up space. The storage systems described below not only perform their basic functions, but also become an excellent decoration of the room.

Closed module for the whole wall

Laconic panels allow you to hide a large number of things, keeping the room clean and tidy. In a niche you can place a bed.

Perfect place to stay

White laconic wardrobe allows you to place everything you need, and the grid above it makes the room more democratic.

Residential module for very small space

The problem of lack of space was decided by original furniture, which allocates a recreation area and a study that do not interfere with each other.

Island storage system instead of walls

All large items are located in the closet in the very center of the room, freeing the rooms from separate cabinets.

Storage systems under the stairs

It should not be limited to the usual pantry - a few drawers are much more convenient to use.

Working corner in a hidden place

Another option is the use of space under the stairs.

Increasing the capacity of a very small room

In this room a spacious wardrobe goes into the shelves for books, and a small kitchen is built under the stairs.

Vertical slider

With this approach, all things will stand in their places, keeping the space of the room.

Closed storage system for the nursery

A large number of toys will clutter the room, even if you try to keep them in perfect order (does anyone believe that this is possible?). Closed doors hide all unnecessary, making the room more spacious and bright.

Secret bed

This technique has been relevant for many years. If you have to place a bedroom and an office in the same room, hiding the bed will be the perfect solution. Here it rises and fastens to the wall, which is a partition between the room and the kitchen.