The question about the hiring of a security officer to the police. Is it possible to pass an IHC with a weight of 80 kg with a height of 170?

The opinion of the VVKshnikov is probably stupidly objective but everyone has their own body structure - someone with 80 kg of body weight from the couch can not get up and someone is quite healthy and hardy with height 171 and athletic build - weigh almost 80 kg fast as a bullet and power with stamina there is like a former hockey player QUESTION - IS THERE A CHANCE THAT ME WILL BE ADMITTED TO VVK? there requirements for 10 kg less than their height to weigh, something to eat with growth of 170 should as a drysch weigh in the region of 60 kg MANDATORY - I have too many 20 kg Anyone from the passing IHC or experts can tell? I ask without moronic jokes and ridicule, or most importantly their rules and details, they do not pay attention?