Tip 2: Britney Spears Tattoos

Britney Spears has repeatedly hit the world with completely different images - from a cute schoolgirl with two tails to a sexy police girl. For ten of his career, the singer's tastes have changed dramatically. The star has repeatedly appeared in the ratings of tasteless celebrities. Tattoos are one of the main reasons for putting Britney on such unflattering lists.
Britney Spears Tattoos

Britney's first tattoo is a magic fairy. At first, she was the prank of a young star, but later the star often used her to cover her albums.

The second tattoo is a butterfly that flies over a ribbon of flowers. To many, it would seem like a meaningless tattoo, but for the singer herself, she is a symbol of freedom. It is located on the right leg of Britney.

The flower - in memory of a trip to Europe - is another pampering of a pop diva. A celebrity, along with her friend, made a tattoo on her right toe.

The next Britney tattoo is Chamomile, in the center of which is written “strange” in Chinese. It is located in the lower abdomen.One of her colleagues in the film “Crossroads” inspired the singer for such a drawing.

The back of the singer's neck is adorned with the fifth tattoo - translated from Hebrew, it should have meant “new era”, only the master made a mistake in her work, unfortunately, this inscription now has absolutely no meaning.

Together with her former husband, Britney made a tattoo in the form of dice, the differences in them are only in color - Kevin's husband has bones of blue. These tattoos are adorned with the wrist of the former couple.

In 2007, Britney Spears did two tattoos at once - a cross in the lower abdomen, as well as scarlet lips on her right wrist.

Relatively recently, three bright butterflies began to decorate the neck of the singer.

In general, Britney's style changes as quickly as new tattoos appear on her body. Having one tattoo, it is sometimes difficult to stop. About this American pop diva you can say the same thing. The singer does not stop, although the tattoo and affect the appearance. However, she has the right to dispose of her body. Many of her tattoos look pretty cute.