Tip 2: How to stop being afraid to be yourself

As Oscar Wilde said, you have to be yourself, because all the other roles are already taken. If you are not shy to be yourself, you can be truly happy, because only in this case people will like your real qualities and character traits. To be yourself is to use all your strengths and not be afraid to show weak ones.
How to stop being afraid to be yourself

What is the problem?

People who persistently try to be someone else, to adapt to others' requests and demands and to neglect their true nature, usually have a deep, often hidden from them themselves reason forcing them to do so. What's wrong? Try to figure out why you are unhappy with yourself? Is there really any quality in you that people may not accept?
Perhaps the reason for all is a long-term psychological trauma, excessive demands of parents or a desire to make you someone else, which is shown by others.Remember that all people want to be comfortable with them, and if they are unhappy with you, it is only because they pursue their own interests. But you also have your own interests! For example, to be happy, is it not important enough?

Be proud of yourself

There are things to be proud of, and if you don’t like something, you need to change it. These include your name. When people do not like their name, the reason is not that the name is bad, but because people do not accept themselves. Love your name, and if you don’t like it at all for objective reasons, then change it - now it’s not so difficult. To the same things applies work. Work is what you devote a significant part of your life. If you do not like it - change. Or try to find the perfect side in your line of business. Again, often the reason is not that the work is bad, but because you do not accept yourself.

Listen to yourself

The fear of being yourself is often also connected with the fact that you just don’t understand what it is like to be yourself. It really is not that simple. When you get accustomed to conform to other people's ideals and follow other people's goals in life, it is not immediately possible to discover your true inclinations and desires.
Just try not to rush.Often people cannot understand what they really feel, succumbing to what they hear from other people, and it happens that they are under pressure from which they obey. Therefore, if you are in difficult circumstances, or you are required to make a difficult decision, then pause. Stop for someone who is your true identity to catch up with you. When people ask you to make a decision right now, say no. True happiness will wait, it will not disappear only from the fact that you are slow to understand what you really need. Remember the words from the song: “let's pause the words” ...
Try not to fall into a situation or company where you feel at ease. Certain people and situations do not allow you to relax. Avoid them. Follow what pleases you. A place where you feel easy, people with whom you seem to be familiar from ancient times, although you see them for the first time - all these are signs that you meet something important that makes you up. Follow this and will not regret.