Tip 2: Why do I need to eat chocolate?

First of all, these are negative emotions. When you are in a quarrel with a person dear to you, you are alarmed or angry with someone, at this moment the reasoning is approximately the following: I am very sick now, so I will go and eat something tasty. When the troubles are heavy, the food can soften the blow and act on the principle of sedation, it is a kind of substitute for alcohol.

But such a tactic is a bad habit that brings only temporary calm. After a person has a snack, he realizes that the problem, because of which he has stress, did not dare. In addition, he was gnawing at the thought that he would also need to lose weight. All this is a double burden on the soul, and then the hand reaches back to the refrigerator to cope with the new stress. So there is a vicious circle.

Why is chocolate the best stress medicine? If a person had seized stress with a salad of vegetables (but, by the way, without mayonnaise), then perhaps it would be even good.But for some reason it pulls on chocolate, pies, chips, potatoes, cakes and so on. There are reasons for this.

1) Sugar and fats contained in this carbohydrate food stimulate the production of dopamine in the body. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, a hormone that stimulates the pleasure center in people's brains. It is quite natural that a person has a desire to feel the pleasure of such food again.

2) Pleasant memories. Yes, all people have dishes that are associated with touching moments in their lives. For example, if your mother cooked a delicious cake for the holidays, then in a stressful situation, he will be the first thing you want to eat.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to get out of any vicious circles, since a long stay in them is unlikely to have a positive effect on the whole organism.