Tips to help cope with spots on light clothes

When it comes to summer wardrobe, white becomes the favorite season. Unfortunately, wearing white, you risk a lot. One minute separates you, enjoying a hot dog, from the pollution of expensive white jeans with ordinary ketchup. Fortunately, you can save your stuff if you use some of our tips.

1. Use the right bleach!

White is also a color (unexpectedly!), And using the wrong bleach, you wash the white color off the clothes. An alternative can be a bleach that is safe for white with a base of hydrogen peroxide. Carefully read the bleach before buying it.

2. Act Immediately!

Do not let the spots soak! You can take a wet towel and pressing hard to quickly absorb the dirt left over from an unsuccessful experience with wine. Start at the edges of the divorce to prevent spread.Your goal now is to soak up as much liquid as possible on clothing until it dries.

3. Keep the stain away from high temperatures.

If you can not immediately begin washing, you should remove clothes with a stain in a cool dry place and away from the sun. Also, do not use a hair dryer and use it in this situation: the heat will only help the pollution to enter into the fabric fibers even more.

4. Do not postpone washing for a long time.

Minimize the amount of time before washing. The less time you wait, the easier it will be to remove the spots. Also, overcome laziness and do not throw all clothes together in a washing machine: wash white only with white.

5. The case when it is worth throwing clothes into the dryer.

Here are examples of when the dryer will help you most of all not only fulfill the obligations of its direct use, but also get rid of the stain: immediately after the divorce has appeared, especially if it is greasy (cheese, salad dressing, etc.) and immediately after the appearance of a divorce on delicate clothing that cannot be washed in a washing machine (silk, wool, cashmere).

With different types of stains, you need to do differently, so be sure to first find out what you have spotted your top or pants with.

The most important thing is to monitor the state of white things from the beginning of their use, because then it will be much more difficult to restore their original appearance.