To dream a window - what is the dream

If a pane appeared in your dream, pay attention to the circumstances of the dream. On this depends the exact interpretation of the dream. Such dreams can mean a way out of a difficult situation or the successful resolution of your mistake.

Summer dream

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sleep pane
Sleep pane - interpretation of sleep

If you saw a window in the nightly dreams, then you will be lucky enough to find a way out of this difficult situation. Everything will happen in the best way.

Autumn dream

Such a dream means that you are too frivolous about the storage of earned money. If you do not reject your negligence, your funds will simply disappear.

Dream for the whole family

To open windows for airing in night dreams - to unexpected acquaintances and pleasant communication with comrades. A stream of freshness will break into your life that will stir you up. Close - an alarm sign. Be careful. If you are standing near the window and looking out through the slightly open, it means that you have a lot of energy.You are ready to go through any obstacles, the whole life is seen in a pink light, and it seems that absolutely everything can be achieved.

To dream of a window through which a mote of dust is flying into the room suggests that among your acquaintances there is a low personality who slanders you and tells all sorts of tales about you. Perhaps you need to stop communicating with him. If you see that the glass is damaged, do not try to turn the mountains in order to achieve the goal. Anyway, nothing will come of it.

The newest dream book

Open - you suddenly come new forces.

Spring dream book

Such a dream foreshadows you a successful solution to your problems. Your mistakes will not play a cruel joke with you and everything will end well.

Freund's Dream

If you couldn’t open up in the night dream, as they made great efforts, it means that the series of failures and troubles has not yet ended. You need to be patient and have some more.

If you dreamed that you are standing near the window and slightly open to air a little the room, this suggests that you need to change radically with your other half. It is not necessary to inspire yourself that everything is fine with you.Otherwise, there will be no trace of your tender feelings. Everything will pass like a dream. Life is more serious than you think, and often does not forgive mistakes. If in a dream you come to the open, to inhale a breath of fresh cold air, you need to love the ordinary life again. Nothing brings you joy, life is fed up with order, and you yourself do not know what you want. Learn to find joy in the little things, it will be easier to live.