Top 10 films about the psychology of men

Understanding male psychology is as difficult as female logic. A lot of films have been made about men's thoughts and actions, and some of them are especially interesting and worthy of attention.

Top 10 films that reveal such a difficult topic as the psychology of men:

  1. "The rules of removal: Method Hitch."Will Smith is one of the most charismatic and talented black Hollywood actors, and he knows how to masterfully master different images and demonstrate all the character traits of the characters. The main character, Alex Hitchens, nicknamed "Hitch", is a trader in New York and is engaged in a very unusual activity - he provides the services of a professional matchmaker. He helps modest and insecure men "shoot" girls and make friends, for which he receives good fees. His next client was the shy accountant Albert, who is crazy about the celebrity Allegra Cole. This business is a real challenge for Hitch, literally the peak of his career, so he willingly agrees to help the guy.Suddenly, Alex encounters journalist Sarah, who follows Allegra and hunts for a mysterious "New York matchmaker" who made many men happy.
  2. "What Men Talk About". The Quartet I became famous for its films, in which men's conversations and actions are described and revealed with humor. And these four people know firsthand what the topics of conversation of representatives of the strong half of humanity really are. Four friends go on a short but promising journey. On the way, they lead relaxed conversations about everything, and these conversations make the audience not only smile, but also think. Comrades tell a lot about women, so this film is definitely worth seeing for beautiful ladies in order to look at themselves through the eyes of men and learn a lot of new things. But the representatives of the stronger sex are also sure to like the picture, because it is imbued with understandable humor with “peppercorn”.
  3. "What do women desire". Surely every man at least once in his life dreamed of hearing and understanding women's thoughts. And the main character of the picture, Nick Marshall, accidentally gets such a chance: after a electric shock, a man begins to hear everything that women in the vicinity think.At first, Nick does not cope with the crazy flow of information and is surprised at how all this fits in the women's minds. But the new gift is useful when the Marshal realizes that he feels sympathy for his new boss. While watching, viewers will be able to try to understand how and for what purpose men tend to manipulate women, and how well they succeed.
  4. "Handsome Alfi, or What Men Want". Alfie lives in New York and works for a nervous Japanese who owns a small company. Although he is just a limousine driver, all the girls are literally crazy about this handsome guy. And he gladly uses his status, changing his girlfriends like gloves, and every morning he finds himself in bed with a new beauty. It would have continued like this if there had been no change in the life of Alfi. And now he has to seriously think about it and pay his bills for everything.
  5. "To promise is not to marry". Every girl dreams that a loved one makes an offer of a hand and a heart, thus proving the seriousness of his intentions. But what if he does not think about the wedding? The girlfriend of the main character of the film faced this question.The relationship between these two is very complicated, and she is sure that it's time to move them a step higher, deciding to take a bold step. But he is not ready for marriage, does not want to part with the status of a bachelor, does not want to give up freedom and does not represent himself in family life. The girlfriend in love reacts to all this very violently. And viewers will be able to find out why sometimes guys promise to marry, but do not fulfill their promises.
  6. "Womanizer". Why are some men - loyal monogamous, and others - real womanizer? It's not the polygamous nature of males, but the fact that everyone needs to meet the other half. The protagonist of the film is an attractive young guy Nick, who is popular among girls. He seems to be meeting Samantha, but this relationship is built on mutual benefit: he needs the faithful's money, and she needs rampant regular sex. And Nick completely suited until he met Heather. While the guy does not understand what he found in this girl, but begins to realize that it treats her quite differently. In his heart and mind, as if something had shifted.
  7. "8 and a half". Although this film was released in the distant 60s of the last century, it is still relevant, because male psychology, by and large, has not changed much since then.The main character is an adult man who, by the will of fate, faces tricks, obstacles in life, dilemmas, the need for choice, the search for truth, the subjective and objective, crises, fantasies, dead ends and other upheavals. Of course, the character is surrounded by numerous women. He imagines a whole harem and demands humility and love, but periodically among this far-fetched idyll riots begin, which a man is forced to suppress with a whip. The film will reveal the male inner world and help to understand the strong half of humanity a little better.
  8. "How to be a man". The main character almost simultaneously learns two news: good and very bad. First, a friend expects a child from him, and Mark will soon become a father. Secondly, he is seriously ill and is unlikely to live long. The man’s brain literally explodes from these two messages, and he decides to record for his unborn offspring (for some reason, Mark is sure that the boy will be born), a vivid video instruction on how to be a real man and what needs to be done to do this. The picture is ridiculous, but at the same time true and tough: men are shown as they are in real life.
  9. "Pretty boy". The main character by the name of Ludo is a journalist, who has been imprisoned for eight months and released early with the condition of compulsory undergoing a course of occupational therapy. He was assigned three hundred hours of work in kindergarten, and he does not get along with the children at all and does not understand how to handle these little hooligans. Fortunately Ludo, he meets an old acquaintance, Anna, who can help to settle. But the man himself will have to understand himself, his principles and thoughts in order to fulfill the task and embark on the true path.
  10. "Autumn marathon". Since childhood, we are told that all men should be independent, brave and resolute. But the main character of this Soviet film is completely different: Buzykin is an experienced translator and a talented teacher who has achieved success in his career, but hesitant in everyday life. His weakness prevents a divorce from his wife and start a life with his beloved woman, to stop exploiting his own talents as a cunning fellow student and fend off an alcoholic who thinks he is a philosopher. Gathering his will into a fist and deciding on a bold act, Buzykin suffers a fiasco and realizes that he is too soft and pliable.But will the hero succeed in changing his life and his attitude towards her? Viewers will know about it.

These were the most interesting films about the male psychology, behavior and thoughts of the strong half of humanity.

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