Top 10 Most Fragrant Shower Gels

In the shower, I want to relax and enjoy the long-awaited minutes of free time and cleansing the soul and body. And that's why the shower gel should have a pleasant and exciting imagination. And which products have the most dizzying aromas? Let's figure it out!

Top 10 most popular fragrant shower gels:

  1. “Magic of the East by Barex Olioseta Oro del Marocco Magic of the East Bubble Bath”. The East always attracted, above all, its spicy aromas. And if you get this gel, you can enjoy it to the fullest. Argan oil, which is the main component of this remedy, is the real gold of Morocco. It has not only a stunning aroma, but also a number of useful properties, for example, rejuvenates, effectively nourishes and moisturizes the skin. And extracts of amber will give a real boost of energy and natural radiance, which will not leave indifferent any man. Also worth noting is the light and incredibly delicate texture of the gel, which will wrap you in its romantic whisper and immerse you in the atmosphere of pleasure. And all this you can receive during the daily procedures of taking a shower.Tempting, isn't it?
  2. Shower gel "Chance Eau Tendre" from "Chanel". If you want the fragrance of stunning perfumes of the same name to accompany you even in the shower and after this procedure, then you must get such a tool. The texture is very light and delicate, so that the gel almost immediately turns into air mousse, leaving a light veil of dizzying aroma on the body. Enjoy the smell while taking a shower and feel the stunning fruit and flower trail of jasmine, musk, quince and grapefruit all day. Using this tool, you can subdue any man without perfume, because no one will be able to resist this enveloping haze. Catch your chance and by all means use it, taking everything from life and from its every moment!
  3. Shower gel "James Bond 007 for Women". Want to feel like a James Bond girl? Just take a shower and use this gel. Its aroma will allow you to feel the taste of danger, confidence, luxury, risk, passion, sensuality and exciting sexuality. And they will present such a range of sensations with notes of jasmine, rose, blackberry and black pepper. Wild mixture, is not it? And this tool also creates an air foam that envelops you from head to toe and allows you to completely immerse yourself in crazy thoughts and enjoy them.Bonuses will be freshness and energy boost, as well as moisturizing and nourishing the skin. What else does a real lady need? Perhaps only a towel.
  4. Gel with wild berries "Vitamins for the skin" from "Natura Siberica" ​​is good, no matter how cool. Firstly, it includes only natural and, of course, very useful components. Secondly, the price is more than affordable, and this is good news. Well, and, thirdly, fragrance deserves special attention. No, he will not send you on a trip to faraway countries, but he will allow you to enjoy the smells of the motherland, namely wild berries. These are cloudberries, and blackberries, and blueberries, and Amur velvet. These notes are intertwined with the sweet chords of the barberry and are complemented by the unbridled wild grapes. The aroma is so pleasant and even tasty that, probably, after taking a shower, you will want to enjoy the berries already at the table.
  5. Shower gel "Happy Hippy" from "Lush". Want to feel happy and become carefree and a little reckless, like real hippies? Then this tool is for you! Its aroma is saturated with noks of juicy grapefruit and complemented with chords of not less invigorating bergamot, as well as alluring and enveloping you with languid tenderness of incense.The result is a sunny mood, which gives a comprehensive optimism and stays with you almost all day. It is very easy to use. Open the lid, get ready for a wave of positive, put a small amount of gel on the palm and proceed to the bath procedures. You'll see, you will definitely like it, and you will want to repeat it all over and over. By the way, the gel can be used as a shampoo, which is very convenient.
  6. L’Occitane toning shower gel is more suitable for morning bath procedures, as it will help you wake up, cheer up and start the day successfully. And the whole secret is in a stunning aroma, in which pronounced notes of fresh orange can be traced, as well as chords of other essential oils. In the composition of 95% of natural components, therefore, we can say that the tool is presented by nature itself. By the way, the tonic effect is proven, so you absolutely feel it. And after a shower, you will be surprised to find that you can do without coffee, which is usually used for effective awakening.
  7. Sometimes there is not enough heat and sunlight, and especially the lack of them is felt in the cold season.But even winter is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying pleasant moments that give hot days. But how to get bright emotions, when it's far from summer? The shower gel with the aroma of figs “Go Fresh” from “Dove” will help in this. Why figs? Because this fruit grows exclusively in warm places and pleases with its sweet taste and luscious aroma only in the warm season. A complement notes of figs orange chords. With this shower gel, you will know for sure that the day should begin only with positive and vivid emotions.
  8. "Joyful from Escada". This shower gel, which, incidentally, smells just like the well-known perfume of the same name, will please the real ladies and romantic lovers of feminine fragrances. But at the same time such a smell will invigorate, because in it you will find notes of peony, magnolia, black currant and mandarin. This tool can be used as a sutra before work, to feel a real self-confident woman, and before a date to impress a man with sensuality and a deep passion hidden somewhere, which is about to break out. Such a smell will charm, enchant and seduce anyone.And your skin will be amazingly tender due to hydration and nutrition.
  9. Kiehl’s Vetiver & Black Tea Shower Gel is suitable for those who are tired of commonplace sweet or fruit flavors. Its aroma is noble and almost universal, therefore it will suit both girls, and women, and guys, and mature men. The fragrance contains wood, green tea and vetiver. This tart and original mixture will give a completely new experience and help you discover previously unknown sides.
  10. Pomegranate shower gel from Weleda is another gift from the East. Pomegranate is called the true oriental luxury that you can fully experience on your body. But this is not all. In this alluring and at the same time invigorating aroma there are notes of neroli, sandalwood, red orange and vanilla. And natural oils of grape seed, macadamia and sesame will give your skin luxurious care, so that it will become soft and velvety. In general, the usual procedure of taking a shower will be not only pleasant, but also useful.
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