Top 10 most interesting drama films of 2014

Far from everyone likes the drama genre, but still some dramas really deserve attention. And which of them distinguished themselves in 2014?

Top 10 best drama films of 2014:

1."If I stay". This is a film about death, or rather about the choice between life and death. According to the story, the talented girl Mia, who since childhood is engaged in music and playing the cello, falls in love with the popular rocker Adam, and he responds to the feelings of Mia. Lovers live and enjoy life.

If I stay

And when Adam leaves on tour, the girl decides to fulfill the dream of his life and submits documents to one of the most prestigious music schools. Mia is waiting for the results, but does not manage to get them and falls into a terrible car accident, after which, waking up in the middle of the road, sees an ambulance taking her body to the hospital.

The girl is in a coma, but her soul must decide what to do next: stay on earth and live on or go to another world.It later turns out that Mia’s parents died, and her brother fights for life. The girl must make the most difficult choice.

2."Fool". The events of the film unfold in a simple small Russian provincial town. The young plumber Dima Nikitin lives with his wife, son and his parents and is studying engineering. One night a guy is called to work. It seems to be an ordinary call: a pipe burst in one of the houses.


But during the inspection, Dima finds out that a crack that runs through the whole house led to the breakdown. He makes calculations and understands that the building does not stand for days. But 800 people are at stake. And let not the most prosperous families live in the hostel. Nikitin decides to save everyone and goes to the mayor of the city.

But the authorities are mired in corruption, and it is impossible to resettle the residents of the emergency house because of the budget deficit. Dima finds himself involved in the games of officials and almost dies. But still he does not give up and goes to the residents to evacuate everyone. All twist at the temple, his wife leaves from the plumber, who decided to go against all. Will Dima prove his truth?

3."Blame the Stars"- a film about love and that even death is sometimes not subject to the senses.The main character Hazel is sick with cancer. The disease seems to have receded, but there is no joy. The girl goes to a support group and meets Augustus.

Blame the stars

Feelings flare up between young people, and Hazel realizes that there is something in the world that can make you live and enjoy life. She begins to appreciate every minute and rejoice at everything she did not notice before, despite the illness.

4."Judge". The protagonist Hank Palner is one of the best lawyers who can win any case. One day he learns about the death of his mother and goes to his hometown, where he must meet with his father, who works as a city judge.


Relationship with him at Hank did not exist, so after the funeral he planned to leave and continue to do his usual activities. But the hero finds out that blood was found on his father’s car, and he is accused of murder. Hank understands that he must find out the truth. But can he recognize her and protect her father?

5."Obsession". If you like beautiful films with meaning and music, then this picture is for you. The main character, Andrew, is keen on music and enters the conservatory to learn how to play drums skillfully.He dreams of becoming famous, and he is noticed by one of the best conductors in the country, Fletcher.


A tough and demanding mentor makes the students work at the limit of opportunities and achieve incredible results. Andrew becomes a real virtuoso, but his dream of becoming a famous drummer turns into a real obsession that overshadows everything: friends, family, love and simple communication.

6."Rescue Mr. Banks"- This is the story of Walt Disney’s production of the cult film Mary Poppins. Walt once promised his daughters to make a film based on their favorite book. But, making such a promise, he could not even think that it would be so difficult to implement it.

Rescue Mr. Banks

When Walt decided to get the rights to the screen version of the book, he was faced with the willfulness and stubbornness of the author of the book Pamela Travis, who was not acted upon by any persuasion or even prayers. She did not want her heroine to be spoiled by the Hollywood approach and American stereotypes.

In the early 60s of the last century, Pamela nevertheless agreed to a personal meeting with Disney. He tried to attract the attention of women with stunning images, bewitching music and a considerable fee.But Travis did not make contact. Desperate, Walt virtually abandoned his ideas and dreams of his daughters.

7."Mommy". Diana is a bright, egocentric, extravagant and extravagant woman. She is a widow who decided to send her son to boarding school. But Diana decides to start life from scratch and takes Steve from the boarding school, hoping that together they can become happy and forget about everything that happened before.


But everything is not so simple, it turns out to be difficult to improve relations with your own child. The situation is exacerbated by periodic outbursts of aggression by Steve. H help is not too experienced in matters of education Diana comes modest and correct neighbor Kyle.

It seems that peace, love and mutual understanding reign in the family. But is everything as perfect and calm as it seems? Each of the characters has their skeletons in the closet, and some of the turns of events make the viewer think.

8."Adolescence"- a unique film about the life of one child, which was filmed for 12 years. The protagonist Mason lives with his parents and is quite happy. But papa and mama decide to break up, and this event, of course, affected Mason's life.The boy is growing up, his thoughts, worldview, attitude to people and the world are changing.


And the audience gets a unique opportunity to observe the formation of the personality. The film tells about a beautiful and seemingly carefree, but at the same time important time in life - adolescence. The main character is experiencing feelings, experiencing, suffering, experiencing falls and ups.

He is trying to improve relations with his mother, who dreams of personal happiness and is trying to improve his life. But with Mason's father, there is a complete mutual understanding. “Adolescence” is a real fascinating journey of 12 years, which has an even longer continuation.

9."Ordinary heart". If you want to see something unusual, sentimental, and even compromising, then pay attention to this film. Events unfold in the early 80s of the last century. Writer Ned Wicks begins to feel worse and worse and turns for help to his girlfriend Emma, ​​who works in the field of medicine.

Ordinary heart

Ned is diagnosed with AIDS, but in those days nothing was known about the disease, and doctors believed it was a new type of cancer that affects the immune system.Outbreaks of AIDS are fixed in homosexual communities, and Ned itself refers to them.

And when he and Emma understand the danger that threatens everyone, he tries to tell everyone that AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease. An activist with an unconventional orientation raises the problem of AIDS. Will the world community pay attention to it?

10."Paths". Robin is a simple girl. But habitual for many comfortable conditions, banal activities and the society of mere mortals are tired of her. She decides to prove to everyone and, most importantly, to herself that she can cross the desert alone. She takes the faithful dog and four camels with her.


Also, Robin is accompanied by a photographer who shoots a story about a desperate traveler. At first the girl is angry with his company, but soon she falls in love with her fellow traveler. The road is hard, and some tests force us to unwittingly develop qualities in ourselves that were previously unnecessary and unknown.

She has to contend with a camel and thirst, to face the hostility of the natives. But still, willpower helps Robin complete the journey, understand many, and change his attitude to life.


These were the most interesting drama films.

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