Touching photos of heroes who prove that love is everywhere

Each hero and heroic act is individual. And at the same time, they have one basis - the highest state of mind, moral health, the desire for justice, the search for truth, opposition to evil, a developed sense of conscientiousness and responsibility. These high qualities, if they are brought up and are in a person, as a rule, are manifested especially vividly during the period of the greatest shocks and the hardest losses, in conditions - to be or not to be. These actions are the spiritual potential of the individual or group of people, society and even the people, their faith in the greatest idea of ​​life, justice and truth.

We have found for you photos that prove that decent people live among us.

The former teacher, Antonio La Cava, redid his van into a mobile library, where more than a thousand books fit.He now travels to Italy, raising literacy rates among children.
Young guys save a sheep from a turbulent river.

Doctors from Thailand made a prosthesis for an elephant, which had a leg amputated.
Vyacheslav Kozel, a pensioner from Belarus, made wonderful playgrounds with his own hands.
Salvation of a fawn in Thailand.


Kenyan athlete helps the Taiwanese athlete to drink water at the marathon.

Despite the fact that the turnstile is broken, people still paid for the passage.

Israeli football players shelter children from the rain.

The dream of the Chinese youth came true, he really wanted to study at the university, but was forced to take care of his mother and father, who was paralyzed in a car crash. The university allowed him to live in a dorm with his father.
The boy found a sparrow on the street, who died. He took him home and took care of him.
In Bosnia and Herzegovina, a girl treats police with water.
Someone attached 20 euros with a note: "the money was found between the first and second floor."
Saving the elephant in India.
Rescuers water the koala during fires in Australia.
An elderly gentleman in Rio de Janeiro gives his barefoot girl his shoes.

In Serbia, schoolchildren held a graduation ceremony in casual clothes, donating funds to families with limited financial resources.