Treads: sexy and relevant

To date, boots symbol of sexuality and audacity, but also a sign of style. They survived for three hundred years, not every modern woman of fashion knows that the European soldiers originally had a part of military uniform. Only in the sixties of the twentieth century, emancipated ladies turned to the boots, trying to shock the public and prove their own independence. In those days, the treads in a pair with a short skirt caused bewilderment. This type of shoe gradually became associated with ladies of easy virtue, if a woman stopped her choice on boots, then she could be suspected of a bad taste.

Fashion returns to its origins. So the boots came back again to conquer the fashionable Olympus, and they must be recognized with a vengeance, because they are the main shoe trend of the last seasons. At the moment, very high boots, close fitting, more reminiscent of stockings.They beautifully emphasize beauty of legs.

For everyday life, it is better to choose models of a neutral color: white or black. Red shoes should be left for trips to various nightclubs. The boots, which are decorated with lacing, buckles, buttons, look very elegant and sexy. They can also be trimmed with fur.

This kind of shoes suggests democracy in the choice. A sharp nose and a high heel or a rounded nose and a flat sole - women of fashion can choose to their taste, it will be in any case fashionable and stylish.

To look really sexy, and not ridiculous and vulgar, these shoes need to be competently combined with other parts of the wardrobe. It is better to combine them with an elongated tight-fitting sweater or a short skirt. It should be noted that the boots and neckline are incompatible things. Low fashionable women should not wear boots with a flat sole, otherwise they will look like a cat in boots in them.