Trendy colors autumn - winter 2014-2015

The color of the radiant orchid is a complex pink and purple shade of orchids. It symbolizes femininity in the most active life position. This color combines seriousness and playfulness at the same time, making a woman more creative, intellectual and active.
The royal blue in this season is distinguished by an inner radiance, iridescent lilac, such that it is often difficult to determine whether it is blue or violet. In this color there is a certain freshness, it is juicy and bright or mysterious muffled, warm or cold.
The hue of stainless steel this season has a yellow undertone, smoothing some gray angularity and reminiscent of the past. Despite the fact that this color looks great on satin smooth fabrics, this spring designers even dyed it with velvet. However, it should be borne in mind that this color looks more harmonious on warm skin.
Quite a complex shade, alizarin red, at the peak of popularity this season. Red and all his tones at all times were designed to emphasize female attractiveness.In the 2014-2015 year - it is something like a faded poppy color, but still the same deep and elegant. It emphasizes the sensitivity, subtlety of female nature and, importantly, is suitable for absolutely everyone.
Misted yellow, like a ray of sunshine, reminds us that spring is not far off, it gives a positive and is charged with optimism. It is not bright and not bright this season, but, on the contrary, tends to a blurred sand or beige shade, emphasizing softness, femininity and elegance. Ideal for women with a warm type of appearance.
Sangria - sensual, relaxed, somewhat restless color - a symbol of Bohemia and glamor, as if intended for the evening out. This shade is suitable for everyone without exception, but especially for those who are eager to defy the ordinary.
Romantic, elegant color Lilac Fog makes you feel feminine and romantic. There are in him some mystical shades that attract with their inaccessibility and secrecy, combined with boundless tenderness. This color is located on the border of winter and spring, like cold lilac clouds before sunset or springtime violets.This shade is best suited to girls without pronounced contrasts.
The hue of cognac is associated with glamorous dreams and illusions. It can be called the traditional basic autumn color. The unusual combination of red and orange gives it a charming chic, so that Cognac is perfect for evening dresses.
Bright Cobalt brings in the autumn and winter of 2014-2015 notes of blues, exciting and attractive. This shade of blue symbolizes feminine loyalty and devotion, gives a sense of stability and constancy.
Cypress - sublime color, very relevant this season. He loses his penchant for military style and becomes completely different - luxurious, sophisticated, feminine and sophisticated.