Tricks that it is useful to know every summer resident

Working at his summer cottage is not easy. Work on the ground requires attention, accuracy and purposefulness, readiness to spend a lot of time and effort to achieve a result.

Nevertheless, there are ways to make work in the country easier, and staying on it is even more pleasant than it can be. How to achieve all this - look in the new review.

1. Planting seedlings

Seedlings in plastic bottles.

From plastic bottles of different sizes will be convenient and practical containers for seedlings. In addition, it is a great way to dispose of plastic without harm to the environment.

2. Spent coffee

Soil fertilizer used coffee.
In the winter period, put the waste thick and tea brew in a specially designated container. In the spring, the collected waste can be used as an effective fertilizer that will enrich the soil with nitrogen and significantly accelerate plant growth.

3. Bait for insects

We attract beneficial insects to the garden.
Ladybugs, bumblebees, bees and golden-eyed bears belong to the category of beneficial insects and are indispensable helpers of gardeners in the fight against aphids and other pests. To attract these wonderful insects to your garden will help sugar syrup, which should be sprayed the soil near the plants, which are often subjected to attacks of pests.

4. Mixed beds

Plant protection from pests.
It is known that insects look for plants by smell. Therefore, fragrant plants such as nasturtium, wormwood, peppermint, calendula and garlic will help scare off harmful insects from vegetables. Sow these plants with sparse patches on vegetable beds to get a flowering vegetable garden and a rich harvest.

5. Hanger for gloves

Hanger for gloves.
That gloves for work in a kitchen garden were not lost and always were near at hand, equip for them a special hanger with clothespins instead of hooks. You can hang it on the wall near the porch, on the fence or on the shed where the garden tools are kept.

6. Cuffs for phone

Fixing a mobile phone.
To always stay in touch and not lose your phone during garden work, make an original cuff for it.To do this, cut off the top of any toe, put it on your arm above the elbow or on the leg, fold it in half and put your phone in the resulting pocket.

7. Garbage containers

Containers of tires.
From old car tires painted in bright colors and stacked one on top of another, you can get charming and spacious garbage containers that will help securely fix garbage bags and do not allow waste to scatter or scatter around the garden area.

8. Original flower beds

Flower bed in the stump.
Do not rush to uproot the old stumps. Instead, turn them into original flower beds. To create a flower bed, the middle of the stump you need to cut, fill the resulting recess with earth and plant flowers. Soon nondescript hemp bloom and turn into stunning flower beds.

9. Storage of small garden tools

Proper storage of garden tools.
To keep the blades of small garden tools always clean and sharp, store all shovels, hoes and pruners in a special bucket filled with pebbles or sand.

10. Markers for sowing

Homemade markers for sowing.
With the help of special markers for sowing it is possible to make several holes at once for seeds. In addition, it is not at all difficult to make such a useful device using wine corks and plywood or cardboard egg trays and an unnecessary lid of the drawer.

11. Sweet Tomatoes

Tasty tomatoes in the garden.
Add some baking soda to the soil where the tomatoes grow so that the fruits of the tomatoes grow juicy and sweet.

12. Markers and tags

Plant markers.
After planting seeds do not forget to mark the landing sites with special markers and tags. To do this, you can use a variety of materials, for example: plastic forks, knives, spoons, wooden sticks, decorated stones and any other improvised materials.

13. Roses in potatoes

Cuttings of roses in potatoes.

Want to plant your site with beautiful roses? Then, in the midst of flowering, cut a few even young shoots as thick as a pencil from an existing rose bush, cut them into cuttings about 15-20 centimeters in length, stick shoots into new potatoes and plant them into the ground. Potatoes will always keep the sprouts in a wet environment, which will allow them to take root faster.

14. Foot Wash

Pallet with pebbles for washing feet.
So that households do not carry dirt and sand around the house after visiting the river or playing with the ground, put a special tray with pebbles on the porch, on which you can easily wash your feet.

15. Wasp trap

Trap for wasps and hornets.

If wasps and hornets got into the habit of flying to your site to eat, while scaring the children and causing discomfort to the household, make a special trap that will help scare off insects. To do this, cut the neck of a plastic bottle, and pour a little sweet syrup in the bottom part. From the cut off neck, you need to unscrew the cap and install it in a bottle with a bait like a funnel. A ready-made trap can be hung on a tree or placed near a house. It is better to do this in spring, when the summer cottage is rarely visited.

16. Fertilizer colors

Banana peel for fertilizing flowers.
Banana peel is an excellent natural fertilizer for flowers. And you can use it in a variety of forms: raw, dried, fried, frozen, in the form of infusion or compost. The easiest way is to grind the fresh peel of the banana and bury them in the ground under the flowers.Such a fertilizer will soon revive even the most stunted plants.