Trip with a child 3 - 5 years

Let the child collect your own backpack with your help, which will house his favorite toys, books, and other necessary and interesting things for him. Tell your baby that he will have to carry his own luggage and take care of it on the way.
Take snacks with you on the road. These can be dryers, breads, breadsticks, homemade crackers or cookies. If there is a treat that you rarely allow a child to take, take it too, but use it only for the most emergency cases when, for example, you need to quickly soothe a discouraged little traveler.
If your journey involves being in crowded places, it is a good idea to get a children's walkie-talkie, baby monitor or GPS device. The latter is convenient in that it is attached in the form of a clip on the child’s belt, and parents can always find their child, even if it has unexpectedly “left” somewhere. In addition, the device has an “alarm button”.Teach your baby to use it, and then he will be able to press it if he loses sight of you.
Do not forget to take the road to the game. It is best to give preference to the games on magnets, drawing, cardboard or finger portable theater. And, of course, you can take your favorite books on the road.