Unusual and interesting Christmas tree (8 photos)

Before the start of the most cherished holiday of many people, the New Year, there is a week left. Christmas tree is an indispensable attribute of this holiday, so she should pay special attention. The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree appeared many centuries ago. Germanic tribes believed that the forest beauty is able to protect the house from evil spirits.

The first time the Christmas tree was dressed on the eve of New 1605. The first decorations were apples and other fruits, as a symbol of fertility, paper flowers - a symbol of beauty, cookies and sweets - a symbol of comfort, coins - a symbol of wealth. Later there were toys made of glass. Much time has passed since then, but the tradition of setting up a Christmas tree in a house for the New Year is still alive today.

In our time, there are different types of trees. You can buy a live Christmas tree, with its aroma nothing can compare. In special forestry and markets you can choose a suitable Christmas tree. Since deforestation has become a global problem, it is possible to replace living with artificial, it not only does not yield to living, but also has several advantages.So, you can put an artificial Christmas tree every year, no need to buy a new one.

It does not require special care: after the holidays it is enough to wipe it from dust, cover it with a sheath and put it in the closet. An artificial Christmas tree will always be fluffy and smooth, with no needles being showered from it. Designers offer different versions of the New Year beauties: gold, red, black, while the Christmas trees are of the most unexpected geometric shape. By the way, now aromatized artificial Christmas trees have appeared. Of course, they cost more than living trees, but you buy it, not for one year.

Christmas tree photo

Before buying a holiday symbol, think about where in the house you will put it, for example, on the floor or on the table. Measure how tall and wide your tree can be and go boldly to find it.

Before you begin to dress up a green beauty, it's worth taking care of security measures. To put a Christmas tree better away from heating batteries: high temperatures can spoil an artificial spruce, and live - quickly will drop needles. Check the serviceability of the sockets into which you will insert garlands, their integrity must also be looked at.The very Christmas tree should be installed in a reliable cross, twist, check its stability.

When the tree is installed, the question arises: "How to decorate the New Year's beauty?". The decoration of the Christmas tree, may be as you wish, the only condition is that it must be elegant and beautiful.

It can be made in one color, or be variegated. You can safely hang Christmas toys, garlands, beads, rain and tinsel on the Christmas tree. And you can decorate with delicious sweets and fruits: hang sparkling lights and rain, and habitual balls, replace with tangerines and oranges, you can hang homemade cookies and sweets. Just do not eat all the decorations on the first night :).

Decorating a Christmas tree can be made by hand. This will raise your mood even more, especially if you invite your relatives and friends to make them. Just remember, if something will not work out for you, do not be discouraged and do not be angry. After all, this is preparation for the New Year, it should take place in an atmosphere of happiness and fun. Try to make balls of paper, and you can go even further and make toys from the egg shell.There are many options.

A Christmas tree brings people closer together, let the beautification of a beautiful woman become a tradition in your family. And then a wonderful mood in the New Year's Eve you secured!

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