Wear properly fashionable short pants (14 pics)

For several last seasons, an undisputed trend is shortened women's pants. To which only inventions and fashionable transformations do women not go, in order to always remain a stylish, beautiful and elegant person!

Someone can express their doubts about the style and beauty of cropped trousers, because they can look quite contradictory on the beautiful female legs.

Epatage and style

The main fears associated with this form of trousers, in fact, can be accommodated in one sentence: a fairly common ability to shorten even the longest female legs and brightly emphasize non-ideal, wide or excessively narrow, ankles.

But we can say with great certainty that to avoid such unpleasant effects is very simple, the main thing is to choose the right part of the image correctly, and also not to slip with good shoes.

Model beige

As you probably know that the pants in the women's wardrobe appeared relatively recently, and shorter and that later.In the world of fashion and style, there are certain disagreements about their ancestors: according to one official version, such a revolutionary element of women's wardrobe appeared thanks to the German designer Sonya de Lennart in 1948.

Leather version

According to another version, their invention was the work of the famous Emilio Pucci, who in 1949 lived and worked on the island of Capri, where he created the notorious style of cropped trousers - capri.

Do not be afraid of bright print

But, one way or another, first perceived as a kind of perplexity, in the 50s – 60s of the last century they became the favorite clothing of the entire female population. Audrey Hepber, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Bridget Bardot - recognized icons of style and unique taste, turned this trendy element into one of the most recognizable elements of their own style.

And modern fashion catwalks literally “teem” with such novelties, in a variety of guises and looks, cropped trousers appear before the keen eyes of world female critics.

For glamor girls

And, before you delve into what to wear fashionable cropped trousers, you need to figure out what styles are generally popular this season, as well as what images you can recreate with them.In general, the new collections of world designers are mostly characterized by demi-season variants of shortened pants - spring and summer models are best combined with shoes and other elements of the image.

Freedom, youthful fragility and carelessness - this is what these pants should emphasize in your image. Winter models are also relevant, the question of their combination with shoes, of course, is somewhat more difficult, but as it turned out, nothing is impossible!

Fashionable and summer

Popular cropped trousers. How to wear them?

Such popular pants-bananas, which in their cut really resemble this marvelous fruit, are again at the peak of popularity, as in the distant 80s of the last century.

Their main advantage lies in the fact that they are incredibly universal - volumetric undercuts and folds skillfully hide the real volume of the hips, and the silhouette narrowed down does not “cut off” the visually ankle.

Pants, such as riding breeches, stubbornly coexist with the above described ones, they look great on both slim and rather magnificent ladies. It is best to complement such ensembles with fitted jackets, loose cardigans and a light scarf, which will give the image a certain elegance. Such models, in general, are more suitable for young women and teenagers.

Beautiful and stylish

If you are a confident and strong business woman who prefers classic and restrained style to a greater degree, then women's cropped trousers of strict dark colors of straight cut will perfectly cope with the task of creating such an image.

Strict geometric lines, monochromatic colors - black, brown, dark gray and blue - will be an excellent substitute for ordinary classic trousers, which managed so to catch on in the process of creating a style of a successful and business woman.


Typically, these pants are complemented by a pronounced arrow, which visually lengthens the legs, and free and flowing fabrics add a special gloss to the image. Recently, the classic cropped trousers of not only dark, but also delicate pastel colors have become very popular.

To create a light, sophisticated and romantic image, you can use the inventions of well-known couturiers, who are inclined to soft tones, delicate prints and paintings, as well as special fabrics - guipure, silk, and their combinations.

This is the trend

Delicate floral patterns, as well as a straight leg fit perfectly with a light chiffon blouse, a knit jacket or a light jacket.If you prefer bright and bold colors, then this trend is also actively supported by global brands, even in winter collections without depriving women of the opportunity to wear juicy and saturated trousers that are perfectly combined with the same jackets, cloaks and jackets.

Suitable for different clothes

What can I wear cropped trousers with?

If you have become a happy owner of a new pair of such trousers, then it is important, first of all, to know with what shoes they can and should be worn to make the image truly stylish and original. If you are a lover of classics, then the best of these pants look with classic stilettos, ankle boots with high heels and boots in which you can fill the bottom of the leg.

Now they are at the peak of popularity

Gentle and feminine capri pastel colors are more compatible with elegant shoes with low heels, sandals, ballet flats and slippers.

Short trousers-pipes, which are so popular among young people, look good with lace-up shoes, high boots with a flat sole. By the way, such an image would be appropriate to complement the correct top - voluminous shirts, sweaters, and a peculiar echo of the masculine style in the female wardrobe.


As accessories, which, by the way, stylists strongly recommend using when creating an image with tight pants, you can use all sorts of hats, gloves, clutches that will perfectly fit into the image of a business or romantic lady.

A rather complicated top looks interesting - unusual cardigans, raincoats, draped jackets or coats, contrasting with a bare strip of leather between shoes and a shortened leg.

Good for coat

How to shorten pants?

Each girl decides for herself - to buy a ready-made shortened cut or to make it independently from the available trousers that have long been lying in the wardrobe. The simplest and, nevertheless, the simplest option is to tuck your pants with a beautiful cuff.

You can choose for any shape

If you want to completely get rid of unnecessary length, the simplest thing is to bend inwards to the required level, and then process the edge with a typewriter: overlock or zigzag.

Another option is to twist the leg edge in half, and then sew, thus, the factory seam will not hide in the gate, but will go to the outer level, decorating the bottom of your trousers. Of course, the most reasonable thing is to take the pants to the atelier, where you can find the required length and hem it in the best possible way.

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