Wedding without redemption

From our article Preparing for a wedding, you learned how to start planning a wedding, what should be in terms of organizing a celebration, and how to prepare a bride for the wedding. But the choice of dresses and style of the holiday is not all. One of the main events of the wedding is considered the redemption of the bride, but if the newlyweds decide to hold a holiday without redemption, the scenario of the usual wedding will have to be changed.

A wedding without a ransom is held in the same way as a traditional wedding with a ransom of the bride, with the exception of this smallest detail.

Here are some interesting ideas, like the bridegroom to pick up the bride without the traditional redemption in the form of money, sweets, champagne or gifts that guests and relatives of the girl wish.

Scenarios of a wedding without bride price

A romantic meeting of the newlyweds, even without a ransom, should be memorable.

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  1. A prince on a white horse, or a superhero groom:This is the most common option for meeting lovers. The groom comes for the bride on a white horse, says many compliments of his beloved, and if the relatives and friends liked the groom's solemn speech, they are allowed to pick up the bride and take her away to the registrar.There are a lot of variations of such a meeting - the bride may temporarily become an angel, who flew through the window and gave the bride a bouquet. The organization of such a meeting will help mountaineers and special equipment. Another beautiful idea - a blindfolded bride is taken to the field where the groom should land in a balloon.

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  1. The bride is not ready!Nowadays, young people often live together before the wedding, and in this case, the bride price seems somewhat strange. But not to give the bride to the gentleman just like that? In order for the story to be believable and emotional, the groom should leave the common apartment on the eve of the wedding, and come for the beloved on the day of the celebration.

We offer you an original idea of ​​a wedding without a ransom for young people who have been living together for a long time: the groom knows very well what clothes his favorite one prefers to wear, but almost certainly never helped the lady to dress. The task for a man is to try on a wedding dress, tights, shoes, jewelry, and a veil on a bride. On how the groom will cope with this difficult task, will depend on the appearance of the bride, and she should be the queen on the wedding day.This dress awakens the senses in the morning, and all day the groom will dream of the first wedding night.

  1. They stole the bride.Friends of extreme sports can offer the groom the following scenario: the bridegroom opens the door of the apartment, in which the young will spend the night, and steals it so quietly that no one suspects. In the morning, the witness from the groom will call the bride's parents and bridesmaids with an offer to buy the girl already from the groom himself. And when a ransom will be offered for the young one, the bridegroom should give a speech: “Love is born without ransom and bribe, I will never give my beloved for you!” After the guests agree, all are sent to the registry office for registration.

It should be noted that impressionable relatives should be better prepared for the event in advance, because some can be worried or even resent the groom. As an option, only the parents of the lovers know about the script, and the young girlfriends and the bride herself do not suspect anything (unless, of course, you manage to steal the girl without waking her).

  1. Find each other.If there is a beautiful park in your city, and the wedding is planned in the warm season, when the trees are blooming, then you can hold a meeting of young people without a ransom in the form of a game. Guests tie their young eyes, and take them to the park, hiding from each other.Lovers will have to get rid of the bandages and find a soul mate among the many visitors to the park. The action can be captured on a video camera.
  2. The dance of the betrothed.If the future spouse has a dancing talent, he can prepare a fascinating dance with his friends. But bridesmaids appreciate the plasticity and emotionality of the male team. During the dance, the bride must be somewhere nearby to also observe what is happening, but men should not see her.

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  1. Quest for the male team.A wedding without a ransom does not necessarily take place without games. To men was not bored, the women's team must first come up with a script for the quest to find the bride.

The game goes like this: girls prepare tips for the bridegroom, and each step brings him closer to victory. All guests can participate in the game, but definitely in pairs: for example, let the first clue lead the groom's friend to one of the bridesmaids, the second tip is to the second man to the next girl. When all the girls are found and all the men are busy, the last step is for the groom. He will have to find the bride at the last tip.

Such a game will involve guests, and will not torture the groom on the day of his own wedding.


As you can see, the scenario of a wedding without a ransom is not too different from a traditional celebration, but it implies something different from money and candy gifts for guests to the bride. So that the groom is not tired and does not feel embarrassed, the witnesses and guests should help him in preparing for the wedding without a ransom.

In addition, the groom's friends can also prepare some surprises for the guests and the bride, so that the meeting of the lovers can be even more colorful. For example, the quest proposed by us to search for the bride and her bridesmaids will be an excellent start to the holiday, especially if the men prepare small presents for the girls.

Have a great mood and an unforgettable wedding!