Why dream of a dream in which you see a bat?

To see in a dream how a bat flies around the room - wait for a sudden departure, a trip to friends or for work.

English dream book

From ancient times, small creatures, the bat, were biased by people. They were always associated with the other world, considered servants of the occultists, but they are the only mammals that are able to fly, they can easily find their prey with the help of excellent orientation in space. In China, these animals are treated with special respect, they are considered to be the harbingers of longevity and good luck. Interestingly, but why dream of a bat? Is she really a precursor of something special in her dreams? In England they say that if you dreamed that a flock of bats are flying and fears you, you suffer from phobias.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

A bat in a dream - unfortunately, death. You see how the bat flies around the room - the trip is coming.

Esoteric dream book

To see a bat in a dream - you are overcome by unpleasant forebodings, but do not pay attention to them. Perhaps your condition is connected with the change of weather, mental stagnation.

Dream Dream

A dream with a bat symbolizes the action of evil forces, intrigues from enemies. Also, this animal is associated with sudden death, misfortune. A person who has seen such a dream can be overtaken by depression, sadness, longing, and disappointment in a loved one.

Dream of the Apostle Simon

A bat in a dream - to vain alarms. You should not worry because of minor troubles, soon everything will come to its senses and peace will return to your life.

Mythological dream book

I dreamed of a bat - to sadness, tragedy, death. The animal symbolizes the demonic forces, the desire of one of your enemies to set you a trap, encroach on your life.

Russian dream book

I dreamed of a bat - small problems, anxiety, efforts that will cause insomnia and nervous breakdown.

Family Dream

You saw in a dream that you were attacked by a flock of bats - get ready for loss, misfortune. Sleep warns against risky steps, recommends being careful and selective in new acquaintances. Such a dream, dreamed on Tuesday night, foreshadows a mountain of problems and troubles.

Dream Miller

An unenviable fate has been prepared for the one who has seen in a dream this animal. He is waiting for sadness, longing, loss or his quick death. Also, the bat is a warning, and if you take precautions in time, you can get out of the most difficult situations with the least moral and financial losses.