What anime to watch?

Anime has a fairly high popularity throughout the world. This is achieved mainly due to the fact that, unlike cartoons from other countries, these Japanese animations mainly target adolescents and adults, and not children. And adults, as a rule, themselves determine what they watch, how much and for how long. The question may arise only one: what anime can see. Here we will try to help you.

Anime: genres

Before you decide which anime to watch, it is necessary to determine the genre. What do you want in general? Let's see.

  • According to the styles of narration. You can talk about anime - comedies, dramas, thrillers, and so on. In general, as in the films, in the choice of guided by your favorite genre. And then you decide what kind of anime to watch about love, and thrillers do something for you.
  • On psychology, the character of the relationship of characters: from time to time (athletic achievements of heroes), sentai (team play of characters), harem (around the main character are many representatives of the opposite sex), maho-shotsho (more often, the presence of the main character, girls with extra abilities with evil).
  • By the presence of sex scenes and their degree of detail.Etty - key scenes are erotic, but, unlike Hantai, sex scenes are not shown directly. Khentai - different content erotic and pornographic scenes. Syndrome is a storyline about the relationship of homosexuals - men. Yuri - stories about female homosexual relationships.

Here is a brief summary of the available genres of anime to help navigate and decide which anime you should watch, and which children, and which children should not be watched.

Anime: what is recommended for viewing

  • Naruto - manga about the restless and noisy teen-ninja Naruto Uzumaki. A demon fox is attacking the village of Hidden Foliage. For the sake of all, the head of the village sacrifices his life and seals the spirit of a fox in his newborn son, Naruto. The father wanted his son to be a hero in the eyes of the people, but what did the people really think? How did the “gift” affect the boy’s fate? See for yourself.
  • Death Note is a cult Japanese manga based on the complex philosophical idea of ​​whether it is possible to achieve good for others by killing some people.
  • Shop horror. Graf Dee is the owner of a mysterious pet shop, where everyone can get not only an animal, but also hope and love embodied in them.But everything is not so simple, the buyer signs a contract with Count Dee, in case of non-observance of which the shop declines responsibility for the purchased goods ...
  • Elven song - manga about evolution on Earth and the transition of humanity to a new stage of development. A new kind of intelligent beings appears - Diclonius, with psycho-kenetic abilities. Diclonius are capable of distributing a particular virus ... Which one and what is all this leading to? Find out with the Kakudawa organization.
  • Vampire Knight. The venue is a prestigious educational institution with Day and Night department. As you probably guessed, ordinary people study at the Daytime, and vampires at the Night. The main character, Yuki Kurosu, along with Zero Kyria, must keep order at the Academy and keep the vampire secret, because others do not know about them ...

These are the main animes that are recommended for viewing. You can also watch Krono's Crusade, Ghetto of Angels, Dark Butler, Read or Die, The Adventures of Jing. Also, HUNTER X HUNTER is recommended for those who like Naruto (earlier manga).

Write in the comments, what anime advise you to see what you like and why. Looking forward to your opinions!