What are the curtains suitable for wood furniture

In the overall design of the room every detail is important. Properly selected curtains can visually enlarge the room or make it lighter. Even such a minor detail can decorate the interior or spoil it. Select curtains according to several criteria, one of which is furniture.

What are the curtains combined with wood?

For small windows, natural fabrics are best. Of great importance is the color of the furniture. The presence of a wooden natural texture is attributed to such materials as:
• chintz;
• linen;
• cotton;
• bamboo or cane leaf.
Vertical blinds decorated under a tree will look harmoniously. The main thing is that the material chosen for the curtains creates a feeling of lightness in the room. For example, velvet is hanged only in the case of appropriate design (in particular, baroque). The color of the curtains should be calm, not bright and not dark. All shades of beige, pink, pale purple, etc. will do.

General view of the room

Any design options should be simple. Ruffles, drapes and double layers overwhelm the look of the window and the entire room. In some cases it is better not to hang the curtains at all, since the wooden furniture already makes the room original and cozy.
Also, curtains must match the style of the room. In the event that the room and furniture are decorated in an oriental style, bamboo and jute blinds will be ideal. If the owner of the house prefers Russian antiquity and wooden furniture is chosen appropriately, you can hang transparent curtains and curtains of canvas with an ornament. The main rule is a sense of proportion.

Choice of cornice

The beauty of curtains depends not only on their design. The eaves play an important role in the interior. It is made of metal, wood or plastic. When choosing is also important style of the room and furniture.
For the design of "country" will need a wooden cornice. Modern decoration means metal and plastic. Mini-cornices will harmonize with a small window. They are made of round shape and with a small diameter, attached to the wall or directly to the window frame.If you hang thick and thin curtains on such a cornice, you can visually enlarge the window.
It does not require any unique design skills to pick up curtains for wooden furniture. If you wish, you can contact a specialist, but you will have to pay for this service.