What do earrings dream about?

Sergey Kascheev
Sergey Kascheev
August 7, 2012
What do earrings dream about?

Earrings are traditionally associated with certain success in life, such as pure love, profit, good work or good news. But on how the earrings are represented in the plot of your dream, the analogy may be completely different - gossip, envy, robbery, deception are possible.

We give some examples from the dream book about what dreams of earrings.

  • If in a dream you are looking for earrings, then perhaps you will be robbed.
  • Dreamed of broken earrings? Your envious gossip.
  • If in a dream the stones in the catkins are glass, then in reality you will be deceived.
  • If you put on your earrings in your sleep, then pure love awaits you.
  • If you had a dream of catkins and you are pregnant with reality, then a girl will be born.
  • Do earrings in a dream have gems? In reality, this means pleasant worries and troubles.
  • If you see catkins in your sleep, then a wedding or fun is possible ahead.

Now you know what the earrings are about.