What are the types of manatees

Manatees are aquatic mammals that belong to the family of manatees and the order of sirens.

Only three types of manatees exist in our time: American, Amazonian and African.

The American manatee is the most well-known subspecies, which is well studied. It lives only in rivers, bays, lagoons and in the shallow waters of the Atlantic coast, North America, as it does not go down below 6 meters deeper than 6 meters.

American manatees can live and inhabit salt and fresh water. They feed on plants that are in shallow water. Up to 40 kilograms of food can be eaten per day. On average, their weight reaches 400-500 kilograms, and their length reaches approximately 3 meters. These characteristics of the size of animals apply to all three species. Although the gigantic size of the manatee looks daunting, these animals are harmless, they can easily be tamed by hand.

American manatees live in solitude. Very rarely they can be seen in groups, only in the mating season,when several males try to care for the female.

The Amazonian manatees are different from the others in that they can live exclusively in freshwater. These animal species are found in Colombia, Peru, Brazil and Ecuador. Sometimes these animals can be seen in the mouth of the Amazon, but the Amazonian manatee does not swim into the Atlantic Ocean itself.

African manatees are so named because of their main habitat. They can be found in rivers and small bays, and in lakes. The African species differs from the American manatee only in skin color. African representatives have this color black and gray.

In life, manatees have no ill-wishers except man. They are hunted for meat and hides, and they themselves are dying because of various wastes and parts of the nets that they eat. As a result, the intestines become clogged, and the manatee slowly dies.