What is better to wear tall girls?

Tall girls are always in sight, they are graceful and stately. But many of them are shy of their features, considering it more a punishment than a dignity. They hump and refuse beautiful things and high heels.

But at all times high growth was considered a sign of aristocracy. Today we decided to help such girls realize their natural attractiveness, and learn how to choose things to create different images.

I can see everything from above

First of all, it is worth remembering that eminent designers idolize the fair sex, whose height is more than 175 cm. It is on such beauties that most of the branded things that we see at shows are sewn.

What can they afford to wear such women? Yes, almost everything, of course, with some features. To do this, we have prepared basic rules, following which you can always create a fashionable and harmonious bow:

  • Do not give up the heels. The favorite model of model girls' shoes is ballet flats, loafers and sneakers. They, undoubtedly, have a place to be in the wardrobe of every woman of fashion, but you should not forget about heels.The best option is shoes, sandals or boots with heels of 2-5 cm.

This will, first of all, make visually smaller foot itself (this is especially true if you have a large shoe size), and secondly, it is impossible to imagine evening sets without a heel.

  • Respect the proportions. To look beautiful, the figure must be "divided." Monochromatic kits will make the growth visually even more, so they need to be abandoned, but the monochromatic bottom and top with a geometric print, stripe, large pattern, or a cage - that’s what it is. You can also experiment with contrasting tones of the top and bottom.

Due to the disproportionality it is worth saying “no” to the shortened tops, even the most beautiful.

  • Mini in question. Of course, wearing or not wearing short dresses and skirts is solely your decision. But it should be noted that such outfits also make the figure disproportionate, leaving most of it open. Thus, the attention of others will be even more drawn to you growth.

The ideal length can be determined by lowering the arms and noting the extreme point where the palm ends.

  • The correct waist line.We immediately say that things with a high waist are now banned. But the natural and understated fit great. Stylists are inclined, however, more to the undervalued version, but then the top should be of such length that the naked body cannot be seen.
  • Trousers are required! Fashionable fitting and shortened models are a real must have. Classic versions with arrows and trousers, extended from the hip, are perfect for lean girls.
  • Buy boots. Girls of high growth, they are just recommended. It is better to choose models made of leather or suede, varnish will look vulgar. You should not get involved in such shoes for women aged 40+ - it is the prerogative of the young.
  • Accessories. They should be exceptionally large and bulky, but most importantly - not too long. Wide belts and large, even huge baggy bags will be a great addition to your looks. The only exception to this list is the clutch. Despite its tiny size, the stylists allow it to be worn by tall women.

High growth - a gift from God, confident designers. That is why we advise all prominent girls to always keep their backs even and not be shy,because each of us is special, and the attitude of others to you depends in many ways on how confident you will feel. Love yourself, follow simple tips for creating beautiful images, and be irresistible.

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