What business to do?

For whom it is better to work: for the employer or for yourself? What business to do? It's a shame because when you invest your strength, you work for 10-12 hours, and at the end of the month you get a modest salary. The idea to quit begs itself. But the main problem is often the lack of start-up capital.

Main types of business

Small business, which includes home, can bring a good income, while investing small amounts of money. However, such an activity requires full returns and employment, but the degree of risk is very high, approximately 90% of newly formed firms go bankrupt during the first 4-5 years.

If you decide how you can do business, you need to consider that the organization of a business system requires investment, business management experience and leadership skills to create a professional team.


Franchising is the granting of rights to engage in a particular type of activity using a registered trademark. This usually occurs within the same territory, and for some time.The franchisee receives a license (franchise) to use trademarks, signs, systems, software and other specialized tools that are installed in the contract.

If you decide to purchase a business in the franchise system, it is necessary that you understand exactly how this will work, what fees you will have to pay, and what expectations the franchiser imposes on you. The basic concept: a franchisee acquires a license (franchise) from a franchisor company. The franchisee must pay royalties of the franchise, advance and one-time payments, the so-called lump sum. The most famous example of franchising is McDonalds.


For most people who wonder: how to make a profitable business, there is such a niche as e-commerce.

E-commerce is a specific area of ​​the economy, which includes all trade and financial transactions that occur through computer networks. E-commerce includes: information exchange, capital flow, trading, money, marketing, banking, insurance services.

  • Business-to-business scheme.At the moment, this is the most promising and growing scheme in e-commerce. Example transaction: sale of a template for a company site for use as a basis for a company's own resource. It also includes any interaction with the wholesale supply of goods or similar implementation of various orders.
  • Business consumer scheme. In this scheme, the company works with the client directly. This is a retail merchandise. For the consumer, this way of buying goods is much more convenient, because you don’t need to go to the store. Enough to view the characteristics of the product on the site, select the desired configurations and create an order with delivery.
  • Consumer-to-consumer scheme. Transactions under this scheme are made between two consumers. As a rule, this scheme works on Internet auctions. The main advantage of this scheme is that the product will be lower prices.

When asked what business to do in the city, you can specify e-commerce, which you can earn in any locality.

  • The advantages of such schemes for organizations: cost reduction, business is constantly open (24/7/365), global scale, personalization, goods are brought to the market very quickly, supply chains are improving.
  • Benefits for consumers: anonymity, a wide choice of goods and services, products and services cheaper, delivery is prompt, ubiquity.
  • Disadvantages for organizations: the activity is difficult to legitimize and lead, the parties may doubt that the project belongs to the company.
  • Disadvantages for consumers: the goods can not be held in their hands, delivery has to wait, the consumer does not trust the services that are provided through the Internet.

Network marketing

This idea bears the answer to the question: what business should a woman do? The most acceptable option is to build a business using a multi-level marketing system. This type of business is absolutely available for everyone.

Network marketing is the realization of services and goods through a network of independent distributors who have rights not only to sell products, but also to attract new partners, who, in turn, have exactly the same rights.

The income of each participant consists of a commission for the sale of a product and an additional remuneration (bonus), which depends on the volume of sales made by the involved agents.

A well-known example in Russia was the well-known Herbalife. Thousands of people engaged in the distribution of these products.

Opening solarium

The demand for a solarium is always great, in all major cities of the country. There are several reasons for this:

  • Direct sun exposure is harmful to the skin and can cause burns or serious illnesses.
  • Not everyone will risk sunbathing in the nude.
  • Many simply do not have enough time to visit the beach.

Business at payment terminals

In order to understand which business is better to do, you need to know how to organize its work. For payment terminals, you need to find a suitable place, conclude a lease agreement for a place, purchase the terminal itself and connect the terminal to the payment system.

Payment terminal - a device that is designed to receive payments for telephone services (mobile and urban communications), utilities, commercial and cable television, the Internet and much more.

The list of services for which you will be able to accept payment will depend on which payment system you choose.

This suggests that there are a lot of potential customers and you can choose how to do a small business.

The main thing is responsible and always try to keep up with the times. It is also a very important point that you can effectively deal with the business if you study the supply and demand market precisely in your area.