What can be made of boxes?

Ksenia Vilinskaya
Ksenia Vilinskaya
October 1, 2014
What can be made of boxes?

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What can be made of boxes?

Sometimes the most seemingly inconspicuous things - such as matchboxes - become a source of creative inspiration. What can be made of boxes? For example, a real dresser, only a mini-format. Let's try to make a gentle dresser in the style of shebbi-chic.

Chebby-chic dresser

For this we need:

  • matchboxes, 3 pieces;
  • stationery knife;
  • two types of cardboard - 1 mm and 2 mm thick;
  • pearl beads;
  • pastel shades quilling paper;
  • candle;
  • sandpaper;
  • acrylic paint in two colors - black or brown and white.

Step by step process of making a mini-chest:

  1. Glue the boxes first to get a dresser blank. NowChest of boxesPrepare 2 mm thick cardboard walls: 2 side, 2 for top and bottom. Note that the dimensions of the side will be made up of the length of the box, double the height and thickness of the upper and lower walls. The size of the upper and lower walls is equal to the size of the surface of the matchbox.
  2. Glue the wall blank. Make sure that they fit snugly against the surfaces of the boxes. Next, cover the walls with dark paint. After drying, rub the corners and edges of the workpiece with a candle. Apply white paint on all surfaces, then leave to dry.
  3. Take care of the design of the boxes - for this you need a cardboard with a thickness of 1 mm. Cut 3 rectangles for each box. In this case, the first must go a little beyond the box. The second is less than the first, the third is the smallest. Insert the boxes into the blank and in this form paste all the rectangles to them, starting with the first one.Chest of boxes
  4. Paint them with dark paint, rub the ledges with a candle, cover with white paint. Now take the sandpaper and gently wash the white paint in places where it is covered with paraffin.
  5. So we got an aged chest of drawers, to which you can attach the legs, made by the method of quilling. Decorate the boxes with beads, and the chest of drawers with a lace knitted napkin, a flower pot in the technique of quilling, a mini envelope. Turn on the fantasy. If the blank is made in a different style, it can be pasted over.