What clothes legs look longer?

Heels lengthen legs. A beige shoes with heels, so even with a thin toe, makes them just kilometer long. And if you also master the heel by a height of fourteen centimeters and also with a small platform, then you can definitely go to the annual casting of the Victoria’s Secret show. Hence the conclusion: to visually lengthen the legs is obtained exclusively through torture and suffering. And even if the seven-centimeter heel is not attributed to the perpetrators of the torment, it is all the same over the past few years of the active popularization of sports shoes with heels guaranteed an entire army of haters has grown. Girls who do not want to defile along the corridor of the office as if on the runway and do not recognize even a small and supposedly comfortable (and we know that this is not always true!) Heel. And among them, for sure, there are those who want to make their legs longer. We understand practical magic, how to put it into practice, but with the help of clothes, not shoes.

Find your “endless” jeans

Their waist should begin under the breast, and the bottom should end at the ankle or hide inside shoes of the same shade (whether with or without heels).Look, even models do not hesitate to use this life hacking, although they do not seem to have problems with leg length.