What could be the cause of the breech breech

What is Pelvic Presentation

Pure buttock breech is the position of the child, whose head and legs are pointing up, and the buttocks down. Often there is a mixed breech presentation - the child “sits” on his own legs or bends one of them under him. Suspect buttock presentation can obstetrician during the inspection of a pregnant woman, it is confirmed during an ultrasound.
A woman is recommended an individual exercise cycle that allows the child to roll over to the correct position. Often, the baby takes the correct position at the moment of delivery or after the uterus subsides. In any case, a pregnant woman should not worry, excitement about this is much worse for her and the baby than a potential cesarean section.

The main causes of pelvic presentation

The main cause of breech presentation of the fetus is the lack of space in the uterus.This happens in the clinical and pathological narrow pelvis, with curvature of the spine or pelvic bones. With malformations of the uterus, if the woman managed to conceive, you need to be prepared for the fact that the previa is likely to be buttock. Myomatous nodes in the uterus do not allow the fetus to take the correct position, it is forced to find the most comfortable position, placing itself between the nodes of the fibroids.
The uterus is often compared with a house for a child, when it is uncomfortable in it, the house is too small or has defects, the child has to be placed, given these factors. Not always correct, but in general, buttocks presentation is not dangerous. With a low attachment or presentation of the placenta, the baby is also buttocks down. The umbilical cord “pulls” him and does not allow to roll over, he is forced to “sit”.
With multiple pregnancies, the correct position of the fetus is extremely rare. One of them is usually in the buttock, often it is turned over to the correct position immediately after the birth of the first child. If the fruit is more than 2, then the presentation of most of them will not be correct.
When there is too much space in the uterus, the risk that the fetus will take the buttock presentation is also great.The uterus, overstretched by previous pregnancies, polyhydramnios, reduced tone of the uterine walls, gives the fetus room for movement, as a result, by the time of delivery, it may turn out to be not butt down, but the head.
With severe developmental defects, often incompatible with life, when the size of the head of the fetus does not match the size of the pelvis of a woman, the fetus also can not take the correct position. But the percentage of pregnancies with pelvic presentation due to severe fetal defects is extremely small. They are very clearly visible on ultrasound and a woman may be offered an abortion for medical reasons.
A woman can give birth to a child on her own only if there are no absolute indications for cesarean section, it is a narrow pelvis, skeletal pathologies, placenta previa. If the generic activity passes without complications, the cervix opens well and actively, then the baby’s legs are born first, followed by the head. The main danger is that the cervix does not begin to contract prematurely, in this case there is a high risk of pinching the head. The obstetrician should prevent the umbilical cord from falling out and the premature birth of the legs.The question of planned operative delivery is discussed individually, but usually a woman gives birth in a delivery room that communicates with the operating room, since at any time it may be necessary to resort to a caesarean section.