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What to prepare if the chief dreamed?

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Dream about the chef - for good?

According to the summer dream book

When the boss comes, you should probably expect a promotion. It is worth paying attention to the small details of the dream, the situation and the actions of your leader.

On the spring dream book

The chief can dream about the successful resolution of cases. It is likely that the leader treats you deservedly.

According to the autumn dream book

This dream interpreter explains a dream in which the boss leads a conversation with you, which in real life may precede a reprimand or trial in working moments.

Small Veles dream

When a boss or an ideological leader, an idol, is seen, success in any intended endeavor awaits you. If your leader in a dream seems tired, crooked, then it predicts possible mistakes, troubles and tears. It is worth preserving health and delaying with affairs, new beginnings. When a dreamer puts a new idol for himself in a dream, then this is to unpleasant news, death.

Dream Adaska

In this dream book, a romance with a chef that you supposedly spun at work symbolizes large complexes that the dreamer cannot get rid of. They oppress him and prevent him from working on himself further. Reconsider and learn to cope with problems and shortcomings.

Dream interpretation E. Avadyaeva

A sleeping person may dream that he is taking guardianship over someone, trying to control a person. Perhaps in real life you have to be responsible for the important business received. Much worse when patronage takes over the dreamer. This warns of troubles and negative emotions that will soon have to give in. According to this interpreter of dreams, you should treat well the dream in which there is a person who is trying to teach you how to do business. Thus, in real life you will be lucky and you should not be afraid to start a new enterprise. The financial crisis will not affect you and the company will be profitable.

If the young leader was the chief in a dream, then this is a pleasant change. This person should expect success. When it seems to you that in your dreams you control people and are treated like a boss, then you should be warned. You may be taken by surprise.

If in dreams the head gives you a gift, then this is a great loss. It should be noted that the presented item plays a huge role. It may not be good, but perhaps not everything is so bad and in real life everything can change.