What does it mean to see mountains in a dream

What dreams of mountain peaks? The dream books of different countries and times interpret this differently.

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Mountain sleep
What does a dream about mountains mean

Idiomatic dream book

The height is a sign of the possibilities that await a person in front of emotional growth, vivid emotions and feelings.

Climbing to the top means coming closer to the desired, lowering - moving away from it.

American dream book

The interpretation of sleep depends on how the elevation is in relation to the person:

  • Seeing her in front means facing unexpected obstacles in achieving the desired.

  • Stand on it - to achieve the goal.

  • Fall from her is to be defeated in a battle with life circumstances.

Different dream books perceive the mountains that arise in the consciousness of the sleeper, in different ways.

The ABC of Dreams

The dream about the mountains can be interpreted in different ways. Climbing up - means to achieve success in something. Dumping the mountain from the shoulders means relaxing, doing away with worries and anxieties. "A mountain of ideas or things" - an excess, the presence in large quantities.On the contrary, the metaphor of �being like a volcano� means worrying, waiting for trouble.

East Dream

To see oneself at the top is to succeed, to get a high position. The farther you are from the earth, the greater well-being awaits you soon.

Muslim dream book

A dream about the rocky mountains, on which you climb from the last forces, does not bode well. You have to achieve everything with great difficulty. Most likely, your aspirations will be unattainable due to suddenly formed adverse circumstances. Correcting the state of affairs is possible by cultivating patience and a philosophical attitude to difficulties.

English dream book

The image of the mountain is recognized as very common, so it does not have a central meaning. Much more important is what is happening against the backdrop of the mountain landscape.

If you see a person at the top, then he is unattainable for you. If any object falls down, then you can easily become its owner.

The dream in which you roll down the mountain symbolizes your fear of suffering a defeat or health problems. If the peaks obscure your horizon, and you strive to overcome them, the time has come for self-realization.

Italian dream book

Eastern sages believe that to see mountains in a dream - to change.If you come down from them, the difficult period is over, in the near future you will find comfort and relief. If you go up, you will suffer.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

The mountain landscape in the dream is a symbol of the upcoming hard work.

Snowy mountains in a dream means that you are unlikely to manage to cope with obstacles along the road to the desired.

To rise to the top - to face serious difficulties on the way to luck; have a feeling of fear on the way - to achieve growth through the ranks; go down quickly - get rid of worries; to fall from the top - to make luck a constant companion in all matters.

Life or a walk against the backdrop of a mountain landscape - for profit, prosperity and prosperity.

If there are no trees and grasses on the mountainside you dreamed, then this is a bad sign, signifying a possible danger. If this image has glimpsed a young lady, she should take a closer look at her fan. Perhaps he harbors mercenary intent.

Children's dream book

The mountain is a symbol of mystery and vitality. The ancients believed that it holds special energy and treasures, and there were places forbidden to visit at its foot.

According to Aesop's dream book, the mountain is a sign of human aspirations. Climb on it - to strive for what was intended, to reach the top - to get what you want. If you can not climb to the top, despite all efforts, your plans will not come true due to the negative influence of external forces.

If you see a mountain river flowing down, a period of worries and troubles begins in your life, not leading to the achievement of a goal. Work will not bring you satisfaction, but such a hectic time will not last long.

If your path is blocked by a chain of mountains, the desired will not come true. If the chain stretches along the road, you will be lucky and your plans will come true.