What does the name Albina mean?

Anna Kitaychik
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What does the name Albina mean?

Every person on earth sooner or later thinks about the origin of his name. Consider what the name Albina means and what characteristics the girl with that name has.

Albina is a Roman name, it has Latin roots at the base and comes from the word "alba", which means "white", "light". This is a variant of the male name Albin.

The main character traits of Albina

Girls with this name have an unusually rich spiritual world. As a rule, these are thin and sensitive natures, able to beautify any society.

Albina is always sociable, gentle and hospitable, she easily finds ways to come together even with difficult people. In everyday life, such a woman is a great hostess, a caring mother and a model wife.

Albina activity is simply amazing. She is always in motion: dancing, singing, having fun and taking an active part in public life. However, because of her temper and excessive emotionality, she has to constantly keep herself in hand.Albina can easily flare up on level ground or become extremely irritable because of a simple trifle.

Women with the name of Albin are self-confident and have a strong will. They are firm in spirit and always ready at any cost and by any means to protect themselves and their loved ones. The owners of this name are unusually attached to their home and are happy to be engaged in its improvement. From early childhood, they are happy to help mom or grandmother with household chores.

Albina has a well-developed intuition, she has a special charm and charm, which allows her to reach great heights in life.