Why dream flour in a dream?

Night visions, no matter how strange they are, are forerunners of the future. According to the dream books, flour, which appeared in a dream, means family happiness, joy and prosperity, household chores and the achievement of the desired through hard work. The final interpretation of this symbol depends on the plot and the details of the dream.

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Why dream flour
Why dream flour


To dream flour - to a modest, but happy life.

Cornmeal - to fulfill secret desires.

Trade in bulk product - get involved in risky business.

Family Dream

Flour foreshadows the fulfillment of your old dreams. If in a dream you bake bread from it, think about it: you yourself create obstacles for the realization of your plans.

To sell a bakery product - to be involved in a dubious enterprise.

Culinary dream book

A dream in which baked goods are prepared from flour is for comfort and family joy.

Modern dream book

Flour in a dream - to a modest, but harmonious and joyful life. To trade her - to risky transactions.

If a woman has a dream that she is all in a loose product, she is waiting for a quiet family life: the husband will take all the care to maintain the family hearth on himself.

Dream Dream, Dmitry Zima

Dreams of flour - to prosperity. You can achieve financial well-being through patience and hard work.

If in your nightly dreams you are soiled in the bakery product, you will be faced with household chores.

Cook delicious flour from flour - all your hard work and efforts will be rewarded.

Moon dream

The answer to the question, what dreams of flour, depends on the current situation of the person. To wealthy citizens, it foreshadows good luck, to poor people - health problems.

Dream Dream

The loose product in a dream promises the fulfillment of your secret intimate desires. In some cases, he predicts a calm and happy family life.

If a woman sees herself covered with flour, she will decide the main issues in the house. The husband will entrust her with the management of the farm.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If in night dreams you bake bakery visions, your wishes will soon be fulfilled. If you scattered the product - get ready for pleasant troubles.

Choose from flour bugs - to poverty.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Flour in night dreams is a foreshadowing of a rich harvest or financial stability.

If you dream of a bag filled with bulk product, you will have a decent income. If the capacity is full of flour - you will find new sources of income.

To buy a product - to financial improvements. Grind wheat grains into flour - to a hectic life.