What is the dream of the airport?

Airport: dream book tells about the onset of the waiting period. This is a sign that means that you should not hastily implement your plans and wait a bit. Usually, such a vision appears when a person has a question about the expediency of the actions performed by him. If the dreamer had to play a dishonest game, all his plans would be revealed, and his way of thinking would be the subject of disapproving looks from acquaintances and friends.

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What dreams of the airport, dream book
What dreams of the airport, dream book

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you want to know what the airport is dreaming about, consider whether an important trip or a meeting is coming. A dream can show how these events will pass. You are inside the airport - you may have trouble or a strong quarrel. Someone comes to meet you - expect an emergency message from close people who have not been seen for a long time. I had to be at the airport or see the departure of the aircraft - do not show excessive trust in people, otherwise it can lead to serious problems.

Dream dreamed of a girl

When a girl who is not in a relationship dreams of having an airport, this means that a fateful meeting with a future elect who will succeed in gaining her trust will soon happen.You will be fascinated by the new acquaintance. Acquaintance will bring new and vivid impressions into your life.

Your actions in a dream

Airport in a dream has become a place of waiting. You have been sitting in the hall for a long time, but there is no necessary aircraft - this dream is a prototype of changes in your personal life. If suitable transport comes or another important event happens, know that you can expect some good news soon. Perhaps you will not just find a suitable pair, but also a real like-minded person.

Registration for departure. To dream of an airport from the part where the check-in takes place before the flight means that there are big plans that are not hopeless. The possibility of their implementation can be seen in the characters shown in a dream. Typically, this management dreams of people who expect financial growth, for example, a promotion or the successful implementation of business plans.

Being inside the airport in a dream, you can not worry about the implementation of their plans, especially if you have not had unpleasant emotions during the dream. When it is possible to see planes taking off or be at the airport, beware of unpleasant, conflict situations to avoid the loss of important friends or business partners.