What if the cat wants a cat?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
April 12, 2012
What if the cat wants a cat?

Many of us live pets - cats. But sometimes their content can cause some problems. In this article we will tell you what to do if a cat wants a cat.

The first estrus in cats begins at 6-8 months and takes 4-7 days several times a year. During this period, the cat constantly meows, rubs against people, other animals, various objects in the house. Sometimes she rolls on the back. It so happens that the cat starts to mark the apartment. There are several ways to get rid of such problems.


If the cat is not pedigree, the best way out is to sterilize it and not torture yourself or the animal. This is a very simple operation, which gives almost no complications. You can sterilize an animal from 5 months in a veterinary clinic, or call a doctor at home. It costs about a thousand rubles, postoperative care is simple - treatment of the seams, on the tenth day they need to be removed.Sterilization also eliminates the possibility of developing diseases such as ovarian cancer.


There are various pills and drops to reduce the sexual activity of animals. How much they are harmful, you can find out after consulting with a veterinarian, because each organism has its own characteristics. Such drugs can be bought at any pet store, but it is not recommended to use it without the advice of a doctor, so as not to harm the cat.


If a cat is pedigree, but it is impossible to knit it and give special preparations for certain reasons (for example, health problems), then there remains one option - to endure. The pumping lasts not so much, the cat wants a cat just a few days. At this time you need to be with her especially affectionate. If the animal does not represent pedigree value, it is better to sterilize it of course, because your patience will not last long, and the cat suffers.


The easiest way out is when you do not know what to do if the cat wants a cat, just bring it to her. But be prepared for the fact that certain difficulties are also possible with this. First you need to find a good cat, register a mating through the club (if the animals are pedigreed), in order to sell the kittens in the future and arrange their documents. Next - childbirth, the cat may need the help of a doctor.Then kittens will be born that will require a lot of attention. They will grow up quickly, it will be necessary to vaccinate them in time, to feed them, to ensure that they receive all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. Think before you knit a cat, do you need such a headache.

If your cat wants a cat, and it prevents you from living, solve the problem in one of the ways outlined above. In no case can you knit a cat so that it calms down, and then get rid of the kittens (drown or put to sleep). It is inhuman to small kittens, because only when they are born they already feel. In addition, the cat from this is also very affected.