What is a gamete?

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What is a gamete?

The process of conceiving a new organism involves cells called gametes. Let us consider in more detail what a gamete is. Gamete is a reproductive cell directly involved in reproduction. After the integration of gametes, a zygote is formed, which subsequently develops into an individual bearing signs of the organisms of the parents. Certain living creatures produce only single gametes. This phenomenon is called parthenogenesis.

Properties of gametes

The gamete morphology is very diverse, the produced cells have differences in the following features:

  • chromosome set,
  • size,
  • mobility.

Merging gametes may have the same morphological characteristics. In this case, they are considered asexual cells. They are characterized by mobility and may have amoeba form.

Isogamy - the lack of differences between female and male gametes, is peculiar to many plants. Its opposite is anisogamy, in which gametes are distinguished by their size and degree of mobility.Female germ cells are usually fixed macrogametes, while male microgamets have flagella.

Oogamy principle

The principle of oogamy is traced in mammals: gametes of this biological type capable of uniting are sharply distinguished by their size and degree of mobility:

  • motile male cells are called spermatozoa;
  • female gametes of large size are called ova.