What is a slave bracelet?

Perhaps you have never come across the name before, but you have met, at least in the pictures, an amazing accessory - a bracelet that is connected to one or several rings, as a result of which it combines two beautiful jewelry.

Slave bracelets are very diverse, each fashionista can pick herself something special and unusual, perfectly fitting into the required image.


Such jewelry is perfect for everyday wear, more delicate and bright options are perfect for a club or evening look, among other things, you can even find special wedding slave bracelets for sale, which will be a wonderful and romantic addition to the image of the bride.

Such decorations can be easily found on sale: in stores or on Internet sites you can find both finished products and creations created by the hands of skilled needlewomen. If you want to get a special accessory or present it as an unusual gift, then you will need to learn how to make a slave bracelet with your own hands, especially since it is quite real.


Some girls are so absorbed in the creation process that, as a result, they expand their circle of interests and begin to create slaves not only for themselves, but also for sale, gaining pleasant amounts of money for this. But before starting to search for the right models or for an independent creative swimming, let's get acquainted with the history of their creation.

A couple of lines from the story

To date, it is not known for certain who became the creator of the mysterious slave bracelet, but on this account there are several interesting versions.

According to one of them, they came to us from Portugal, where slavers often paid for acquired slaves with Portuguese coins, of which ingenious Nigerian traders began to create mysterious bracelets. Some African traders created such bracelets from various metals, as a result using them as a bargaining chip.

Stylish decoration

According to another version, which is repelled from the translation, the English word "slave" is analogous to the meaning of "slave" or "be subordinate," and the bracelet itself strongly resembles real fetters, albeit very refined.There is also the opinion that the decoration received such a name solely because the ring that is put on the finger is constantly "subordinate" to the chain to which it is attached.

Slaves became very popular in the 20s in America, then many wealthy ladies spoiled themselves with similar accessories that were decorated with precious stones and metals. At that time, they consisted of rectangular links, however, the fashion for them quickly passed and they were forgotten for a long time.


There is another, perhaps the most beautiful version of their appearance, which goes back to India. There, these decorations have a different official name, “Hathphool”, which in Hindi has a beautiful meaning - “flowers of hands”. There, the design of the bracelet itself has its meaning, expressing the divine essence of the woman.

Such bracelets are a must-have adornment of the Indian bride, which she wears during the wedding ceremony. Initially, the slaves had five rings, each of which had its own chain, as a result, they were put on each finger. After some time, two little rings were excluded from the general tandem, only three chains remained, as a sign of the bond of matrimonial bonds.

Slave bracelets today

Now such jewelry, most often, can be found on girls who are engaged in belly dancing and, no matter how strange it may seem, on the admirers of Gothic culture.

Such diversity in terms of their application is completely unsurprising, because slaves are of a variety of types, everyone can choose a bracelet to their liking, plus, they are very unusual and even, to some extent, mysterious. At present, these are fashionable and stylish ornaments that even the occasional people like to put on occasionally, thus emphasizing their individuality.


Today on sale you can find a wide variety of slave-bracelets, ranging from expensive and status, made of pure gold or silver, ending with homemade, but from this, no less beautiful, models. This decoration is ideal for a significant event or release, in addition, it can easily be worn in everyday life. There are interesting inexpensive options that are made from artificial stones and metals.

In order for such a bracelet to please you, as long as possible, come seriously to his choice, as long as it is made of high-quality metals that do not cause allergies and are not erased after the first socks.

You can also find a large number of slaves, which are made of beads and stones, which, by the way, are completely easy to do with your own hands, especially for this you can find a large number of free master classes from professionals on the Internet.

Attracts attention

Slave bracelets made in the technique of macrame are very fashionable, thanks to the uniqueness of which, any stone can be inscribed in an aesthetically interesting and pleasant shape, and the soft material of the bracelet itself allows it to be worn constantly without experiencing any inconvenience.

Sometimes such decorations are complemented with lace, decorative brooches or pebbles, and holiday slaves are necessarily laced and, at first glance, completely weightless. Try something similar to you, with the help of such an accessory you will dilute your image and bring notes of mystery into it.

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