What is better for a beginner - a scooter or a motorcycle?

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New to what? in driving in general or in a two-wheeled vehicle? kaneshn scooter easier. and management and most importantly by weight! It is not difficult to brake on it, it is easy to hold in hands and it is easier to tack on the road in case of emergency. The motorcycle is more serious in driving. it is possible to fly away without an op so that to remain without teeth is the lesser of losses. And depending on what goals you have - in the case you just get there or you are striving for competition or recognition in some environment of the same bikers. On a scooter, you can also ride together, but everything depends on your weight. My girl can only drive one - the two of us can no longer lead - the steering wheel is turned out hard to hold. for a motorcycle, the more muscle needed)
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Scooter, of course, still asking. It is safer, it does not develop high speeds, and it is more convenient to sit on it.