What is candied fruit?

Tatyana Eflina
Tatyana Eflina
March 16, 2015
What is candied fruit?

We all love sweets. Unfortunately, sweet - does not mean healthy. Basically, sweets do not benefit the body. However, there are among them useful products. For example, candied fruit.

Let's find out about candied fruit in more detail.

Candied fruits: definition and application

Candied fruits are pieces of fruit or whole fruits that are cooked in syrup and then dried and sprinkled with sugar.

These sweets are made from oranges and tangerines, pears and apples, apricots and lemons, as well as plums, cherries, cherries, peaches. You can even make candied pumpkin and melon. Read more about this in the article What makes candied fruits.

Good candied fruits should not be sticky or wet. They should not resemble a jam. By the way, do not determine the quality of candied fruits by their brightness. The brighter these sweets, the more chemical dyes they contain. But inexpressive candied fruit, just, are useful sweets without harmful additives.

If you want to benefit from candied fruit, it is better to cook them yourself at home. How to make these sweets, you can read in the article How to make candied fruits.

Where candies are used

These sweets can not only be eaten just like that, but also used to prepare various dishes.

Candied fruits are added to the filling for muffins, sweet cakes, muffins and muffins. And also they are used in the preparation of fruit sweet salads, various desserts.

You can use these sweets and just to decorate the dish.