What is dress crossing and what are its advantages?

Every girl wants to regularly update your wardrobe. But what if there is no money to buy new things? Dress-crossing will help you to always be bright and different!

What it is?

If you are familiar with the concept of "dress-crossing", then you certainly want to find out what it is. Translated from English, this phrase is translated roughly as "exchange of dresses." And the essence of this direction lies precisely in this, that is, in the exchange of clothes. In other words, you can exchange any of your things for someone else.

There was such a direction in the UK about ten years ago. There girlfriends and classmates often organized parties and brought with them clothes. They tried on other people's things and could exchange them. Not so long ago, dress-crossing came to Russia and other CIS countries.

How to participate?

There are several options for dress crossing. Here are some of them:

  1. Specialized events. Today they are held in some cities and collect quite a lot of participants.You are required to find out when and where the exchange will be made, find out all its rules, sign up (if required) and start searching for suitable things. Participation conditions, characteristics and features of things can be different. So, you may need to pay an entrance fee. Clothing selection is mandatory, for example, by season, appearance, and size. Most often organizers are limited to the most common sizes, that is, from 42 to 48-50. But in any case, all the clothes exchanged must be in good, perfect or new condition. So the "shreds" are definitely not exchanged. Some organizers assign each item checks and points, which makes participation more than fair. For example, if you bring a very expensive item, you can get a whole lot for it.
  2. Friendly dress-crossing. If you have many friends, you can invite them to your home and arrange a global fitting and subsequent exchange. The main advantage of this method is that you will know exactly who wore the selected things before you.
  3. Dress-crossing on the Internet. First, you can simply go to any site with ads and find the category "Exchange". There certainly will be many interesting proposals.Secondly, there are specialized resources, which are exclusively for dress-crossing.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of dress crossing:

  • It is very profitable. If you have to pay for participation in the event, the fee will be symbolic. In this case, you can not just update your wardrobe, but change it completely. This, by the way, can help start a new life.
  • You can finally get rid of the things that you are tired of. Many can not give up and especially throw away clothes that are in good condition, but, for example, does not fit the style and size, or just disliked. Dress-crossing allows you to get rid of such things profitable.
  • You can update your wardrobe as often as you like.
  • You will learn many new and interesting things. Having considered someone else's clothes, you can discover one style or another, fabrics or prints that were previously ignored.
  • At such an event you can find friends or just chat and have fun. Some organizers organize master classes on the selection of style and drawing up of a wardrobe or spend tea drinking.
  • If you are lucky, you can get absolutely new things.
  • You will have the opportunity to become the owner of luxury brand clothing, which in ordinary stores is incredibly expensive.
  • It's fascinating. Dress-crossing is associated with a certain passion.


  • This version of the update wardrobe does not fit disgusting girls. Many of the items to be exchanged were wearing, and some were quite active. And if it embarrasses you, then you should not overpower yourself. While buying clothes in stores or in the markets, you do not think that someone else tried on it for you, and not just one person.
  • There is absolutely no guarantee that something will suit you. The range, of course, is wide, but it is definitely not the same as in large stores. And this means that dress crossing for you will be unprofitable and useless.
  • If you really like some thing, it may simply not fit you in size. And it will upset you greatly.
  • Some people think that things keep the energy of their masters. And if you belong to such people, you will surely constantly think about it. But such thoughts can even lead to the fact that you can not wear clothes.

If you have long dreamed of updating your wardrobe, then be sure to take part in dress-crossing!

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