What is fashionable to wear bright mules?

There is not a lot of shoes, and any woman knows about it. If you want to replenish your collection or purchase something new and interesting for spring and summer, then pay attention to stylish muly shoes.

What it is?

Mules are shoes without heels. On the leg, they are held at the expense of the front part and they resemble a sabot. On sale there are different models with closed noses and open, on heels or a flat course, so the choice is simply huge!

The history of such shoes is rooted in ancient Rome. Earlier, it was worn exclusively by men who held honorary positions or had aristocratic origins.

Often, mules were chosen by thinkers and philosophers, and it was precisely because of this that shoes received a name that translates as "thinker." Later shoes got to the East, and then spread throughout Europe. At one time they almost stopped wearing, but now they are again in a trend and are very popular.

How to choose a suitable model?

When choosing, pay attention to a few points:

  • Sole. It can be almost flat, and this option is ideal for everyday wear, and will also be convenient for girls and women leading an active lifestyle. Heel is the personification of femininity, and such a detail draws out the silhouette, extending the legs and making the figure more slender. Breathtaking studs are suitable for special occasions, but not everyone can afford them, as wearing these shoes requires skill and certain skills. More convenient is a stable thick heel, and if it is supplemented with a platform, the shoe will become even more comfortable. Elegant and stylishly look muli on a wedge.
  • Sock. The rounded out will make the image more tender. A mule with a pointed toe emphasizes refinement and lengthens the legs, giving them slenderness. Very interesting look and models with a square front, but it may seem a little rough and weighted.
  • Colour. There are an incredible amount of shades of modern muley shoes! The universal black and white, bright and sexy red, discreet gray, feminine and delicate beige are still in fashion.But you can afford more interesting, rich, juicy and trendy shades, such as blue, pink, mint, coral, silver and others.

How to wear: good options

What can you wear muley shoes with? There are a lot of options, and it is worth considering the most interesting ones:

  • Jeans. Moreover, stylists and designers advise to choose straight, flared or free “boyfriend” models, which look stylish and create an interesting contrast with feminine muly shoes. But skinny jeans can make the image of a vulgar and absurd.
  • In summer, you can wear shorts, stitched as a denim or cotton, and from light cotton. But pay attention to more free models, not too tight buttocks and thighs. Also be careful with the length: short shorts, worn with shoes, can spoil the overall impression of the image and about you. And it is possible to supplement such a set with a t-shirt or top with a bold print, a stylish blouse or an asymmetrical shirt.
  • Fashionable mules can and should be worn with almost any skirt. With such shoes are combined sexy models "pencil", pleated, straight and flared.The best length is midi: it hides all the most sacred, makes the image elegant and restrained, but shows part of the legs. A long skirt will close almost everything, but in a short you risk to look vulgar.
  • Feel free to wear pants, but always open the most attractive part of them - the ankle. Models can be varied: narrow shortened "pipes", straight, culottes, flared from the hip.
  • The photo shows that mules can be combined with trouser suits, but not office and strict, but feminine and sexy, consisting of stylish trousers and a no less fashionable jacket.
  • Be sure to wear dresses. The choice of options is huge: stylish shirts, light and flowing silk or chiffon, fitted or having a A-line model, overalls, ultramodern gowns and so on.

Tip: complement your mules with at least original accessories: clutches and bright bags, fashionable straps, bracelets or watches. And you can experiment, take courage and put shoes on socks. Modern designers welcome it.

Get fashionable mule shoes to stay in trend and look perfect!

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