What is fashionable for women to wear in winter in 2013?

Winter is a good time of the year, especially if you are in a warm room and admire the falling snow outside the window. Feeling comfortable on the street when the temperature is minus 15, there is a strong wind and the road is like a skating rink very difficult. In order for all the disadvantages of the winter season to become insignificant for you, you need to dress properly. What can be worn in winter in 2013 and not only, we will find out today.

In winter clothes, we look bigger and bigger. With this we must accept. Do not neglect warm clothes just because you always want to look slim. A thin jacket and a short jacket in a ten-degree frost will attract the attention of passers-by to you, but they are unlikely to admire you.

Even the slightest freezing can lead to serious health problems. So stop being dependent on someone else's opinion and start dressing in accordance with the weather outside.

The cap likes to wear a small number of people. Most often, it is neglected by women, since the cap spoils the styling, because of her hair is magnetised and in general the woman's head may well warm the hair.These are all dangerous excuses. In order to “earn” ear diseases, you only need to spend a couple of minutes outside in frosty weather without a hat. The absence of a headdress also causes problems with the throat, runny nose and even inflammation of the brain.

Thin (spring) clothes should be worn by you in the warm season. When it is cold outside you can get very sick if you wear “light” things. The most common diseases in this case are: a cold, pneumonia and kidneys.

Autumn shoes look sleeker and even with the highest heels, you walk confidently, so there is no ice on the roads. Walking in the winter in thin and not adapted to the weather shoes leads to hypothermia of the legs (gynecological and urogenital diseases) and injuries (fractures and bruises).

The jacket should cover the lumbar region. Sports style clothing, which is now at the peak of popularity, involves wearing shorter jackets. However, you should not blindly follow fashion, otherwise you will have huge problems with your kidneys. Everyone knows that the kidneys are not restored after inflammatory processes.

As you can see, in order to stay healthy and happy in winter, you need to dress in warm and comfortable clothes. Contrary to popular belief she can be beautiful.


First of all, to raise your own mood, we recommend that you choose things that are not sullen colors, but bright and saturated. In winter, around us, and so much gray. The most fashionable colors in the cold season will be: purple, burgundy, blue and beige. Feel embarrassed to wear a purple coat, so you prefer the classic colors? No problem. Buy yourself a bright scarf and hat, complete them with a color sweater and a good mood.

Shoes do not have to be standard black. It's time to move away a bit from practicality. It is more difficult to care for bright-colored shoes, but it is more pleasant to look at it against the background of white snow.

Bright colors must be present in the winter wardrobe, otherwise in three months of winter you can fall into the deepest depression. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of wearing knitted winter dresses and sweaters.


Here, everyone chooses something that suits him both in lifestyle and price.In an ideal financial position, a woman should have: a coat, a jacket, a cloak, a vest and a fur coat. Too much? By no means. Winter is the best time to try on different images, only it is important to wear things depending on the weather.

Coat is now present in each collection. The classics of the genre has become more relevant than ever. Now more and more often models of a coat of an unusual cut, with bright elements of a decor meet. It can be with a hood, with a huge belt and a pattern on the back. And maybe a simple concise cut with a small edge on the collar. Wearing a winter coat is fashionable. And this does not change for many more years.

A woman in a fur coat looks expensive and elegant only if the fur coat is made of natural material and has a natural color. Choosing a fur coat as an outerwear in the winter, you should not experiment with color. Purple coat - it's terrible! But gray or black is another matter.

The jacket in the winter is very convenient. In it, you can easily ride on the open rink and sculpt a snowman. This is an ideal option for short walks. Remember that the jacket should cover the throat and back. You should be comfortable in it. The jacket should be bright.Famous brands of sportswear offer this winter to wear blue, red and crimson jackets. Complement your look with white accessories and you will be irresistible.


In winter, it is worth sending shoes to the back box on a thin stud and a large platform. The girl on a slippery surface in such shoes looks like a clown in a circus. Therefore, for the winter it is necessary to choose a steady heel. What form it will be, it does not matter. Women's boots boots should be left for spring.

To your feet feel comfortable in the cold season, do not wear tight boots. Having entered the room, your feet will sweat in them, because of this, the boots will become wet, and as a result of going outside, your feet will quickly freeze.

During strong icy shoes, wear shoes without a heel, you can uggs. There is a lot of controversy about the fact that these shoes are absolutely not feminine, however, it is warm and comfortable. Perhaps, for a trip to the restaurant, uggs are not the best shoes, but for walking in the park - an ideal option.

The height of the boots can be as much as the knee (they are warmer), and short boots.

In addition to all the above, in winter you can wear chic knitted dresses, knitted sweaters, sweaters and even shorts. But with skirts it is worth being neat.Mini is better to leave for the warm season. Remember that natural materials warm better and look more stylish. Dress properly in the winter, and then the cold season will pass for you in a warm atmosphere.

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