What is HYIP in youth slang?


Youth slang is developing at a breakneck pace, and the word, yesterday unknown to most native speakers, is being actively and widely used today. A few months ago, even in the teenage environment, few knew what “HYIP” was, and today the word has become so popular that it is used even in advertising and for the name of products. And in principle, from the context it is clear what the new term means, but if you want to better understand the interlocutor or use it to the point yourself, you should still not guess, and quite definitely know its meaning.

What does the word "HYIP" mean

In order to guess the borrowed origin of the new word in the youth lexicon, you do not need to be a philologist. English word"Hype"The literal translation of which can be interpreted as deception, excitement, excitement, hype, spam, hype, in the Russian-speaking youth slang has expanded its meaning to everyday concepts, not excluding the initial translation.

So, under the word "HYIP" modern youth means:


  • Trend, fashion, popularity, PR, hysterics around something. To be on a hipe or haypanut - get a lot of attention, become famous, propiaritsya, make a splash.
    Example:This statement brought him a terribleHYIP, and after all a week ago no one had heard of him.
  • Advertising or spam, as well as media sensations reaching its target audience, are the literal meaning of the English word.
    Example:Hypes around the PokemonGo application will subside as quickly as it appeared.


Despite the popularity of the word introduced into the Russian language, it is worth remembering that it both now and for many years afterwards will refer to youth slang, that is, varieties of slang. The use of such a term in secular conversation or during a business conversation is considered unacceptable rules of etiquette, even if its use seems most appropriate.

Important! You should not confuse the youth slang word "HYIP" with the abbreviation, which sounds the same, but is written differently and is used mainly in business communication and business.


HYIP (HYIP)- this is a short spelling and sounding of the concept High yield investment programs.In simple terms, this is an investment program that can be quite profitable. More: high-investment project, which involves paying dividends to depositors who find themselves in the first waves, from the finances received from the later participants of the project. Roughly speaking, this is a new concept for the definition of a familiar financial pyramid - a money project that promises great benefit to everyone, but in fact enriches only the creator and the first participants.
Example:The longer the project exists, the more likely the hyip will be a risky investment.

If you do not turn in the environment of financial investments or chase for easy money, you probably will not hear a high-level in this meaning.


Another value is the “HYIP” tariff, which appeared several months ago in the line of offers of the mobile operator MTS in Russia. It was this advertisement that made many people far from the youth language think about the meaning of the new word.


HYIP: what is it in simple terms

If what is a HYIP is more or less clear from the definition, then it is not always possible to catch the subtleties and semantic nuances of one-root words in the speech of the youth representatives.The fact is that as soon as the basic term has spread in its new meaning, adjectives, verbs and other parts of speech have been formed from it - each with its own meaning.

HYPANUT- quickly, almost virally, to gain popularity and widespread fame, become famous. Almost certainly, a character who has haunted will be forgotten as quickly as he became recognizable if he does not continue to catch the hyip.
Example:Shurygina haipanula on his lies.

HypoJour- A person who wants to catch as much as possible HYIP, as a rule, to earn money on his popularity, without using efforts and even without some talent, less often just for fame.
Example:Almost all modern media personalities are commonplace.highpojors, take at least KVNschikov, at least participants in House-2.

HYPONOMICS(HYIP + ECONOMY) - high firing put on stream; business based on getting money for a famous person. You can do hyiponomy, wedged into an existing wave or form a new popular movement.
Example:All that Buzova is capable of ishyponomics.

Hap- advertise, promote a phenomenon, movement, product or person.
Example:Believing an honest victory for Bilan at Eurovision is difficult - then he is godlessHYPILS.

Antihipe- a fundamental denial of already existing popular trends and following one’s own style.
Example:AntihipeNow HYIP is stronger than HYIP.

Pohaypit- have fun, hang out, have fun. The only word, single-root Hipu, but not bearing in itself the meaning associated with popularity.
Example:On SundaypokedAlenka, her parents were leaving.

True, to find here all the options, how to explain the HYIP and its derivatives are unlikely to succeed - more and more new words are constantly appearing and quickly becoming popular. Paradoxically, the word “HYIP” itself is HYIP, it is so viral that it has captured the youth language all over the world. This is easily explained by the developed global network and the popularity of social networks among adolescents, but it’s not yet necessary to talk about how quickly the new word will disappear and disappear in the coming years.


Most people know what Hip is, not necessarily - the word is used primarily among adolescents and those whose activities are aimed at young people as a target audience.Understanding the borrowed term, which has become more widespread in the next generation jargon, is hardly useful for a secular conversation, but it helps to better understand teenagers and use it to the place.