What is javascript?

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What is javascript?

JavaScript is a programming language that is based on the browser's object representation. It is used to give the site more interactivity compared to a regular static HTML document. For example, in the user interface it will be possible to implement changing pictures, a running line from the text and much more! The difference between JavaScript and server programming languages ​​is that the text of the program is embedded in the HTML document and analyzed by the browser itself. JavaScript is a scripting programming language for web pages.

JavaScript is different from Java

Knowing what JavaScript is, many users still confuse this term with another concept - Java. Although the languages ​​are similar in name, they have different meanings and applications. The main differences are the complexity and the number of possibilities.

JavaScript implementation is freer than Java. Data type conversion, for example, is much easier. Also, the programmer will not need to compile the source code of the program in the JavaScript language, that is, it is an interpreted language.How does this happen in javascript and java? In the first program is processed line by line, and error information is displayed after each read line, if any. In Java, the compiler produces this information after reading the entire program text. Please note that JavaScript is not considered a replacement for the Java programming language. It is best to use the first as a supplement to the second.

What is JavaScript code and what is it for?

  1. Using JavaScript creates dynamic HTML documents. Static view of HTML pages is gone!
  2. JavaScript binds together all the building blocks of an application; it’s like a foundation tool.
  3. JavaScript checks the HTML form fields before they are transferred to the server.
  4. Program management in this programming language is through local input of information.
  5. The user has the opportunity to see in a separate window, warnings messages that are displayed using JavaScript.

What is JavaScript error and how to enable JavaScript

Now let's talk about the pressing problems of ordinary users of the network. Recently, there have been frequent cases when a person, accessing his page on social networks, detects an error message at the top of the window: "JavaScript error", "JavaScript is not enabled", "enable JavaScript for proper operation of the site" and so on.The user has problems downloading photos and videos on the page.

How to enable Javascript in Mozilla Firefox (Mozilla)

You need your browser to start using javascript. Let's say you work in Mozilla. Go to the "Tools", there in the "Settings". Then select the "Content" tab and check the box next to "Use JavaScript."