What is a kuni?

Alexander Duz
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Cooney is the abbreviated name for cunnilingus, a type of sexual relationship in which a sexual partner stimulates a woman�s arousal by acting on her vagina and clitoris with her tongue, teeth and lips. Cunnilingus is actively used by both homosexual and heterosexual couples.

Continuing the theme of what Cooney is, it is worth noting that some to increase arousal use the technique of buzzing. It lies in the fact that the sexual partner pressed his lips to the genitals of women and creates sounds of buzzing. Due to the vibration of the lips and teeth, a woman gets a special pleasure.

In the context of what kuni means in society, there are no definite answers. Someone condemns this kind of love joys, someone strongly supports him. In some countries (in Singapore, for example), this type of oral sex is prohibited and is punishable by 10 years in prison or a large fine.