What is not on the Internet?

On the Internet, you can find literally everything. Information from different areas lies on the surface - just enter a query into a search engine In more detail about opportunities of a global network article will tell. It is definitely useful, but can you find everything in it?

Online Relations

Virtual communication is not uncommon today. Sometimes people who have live relationship problems are looking for soul mates on the Internet. And they find - social networks, the blogosphere, forums, chat rooms and communities are conducive to communication. There is a perception that virtual relationships between people lack sincerity. This is not true. Often a person shares with a virtual friend a secret, personal - opens himself, which he would not dare to do in real communication. But no matter how deep the relations on the Internet are, they will not be complete if they are not supported by live meetings. Because the most complete picture of a person is given by live communication. The image on the Internet is distorted, even if we see a photo of a person, we know how he thinks and what he loves, his habits, addictions.

In the environment of bloggers, the phenomenon of development virtualization is gaining popularity - when “blogogruzya” meet live, communicate with each other. In this way, you can spend time together - go to the cinema, take a walk, organize a trip - all this cannot be found on the Internet. Many participants in the development of virtualization note afterwards that the “blogger” in life leaves a completely different impression, different from the one that has taken shape in the network. That is, the Internet allows only to imagine what kind of person is in everyday life, and whether this is confirmed or not, only a real meeting and communication will show.

Also on the Internet is difficult to find the truth, truth, authenticity. This may seem strange, because here is just a storehouse of information, which is replete with articles, books, films, vlogs and blogs. There is a big difference between information and truth. There are many contradictory facts in the network, and only we will decide which of them to believe and accept as true. It is important to have critical thinking - and the Internet will not give it. It only offers thousands of gigabytes of information, but to think, to understand, to isolate the main thing is our task.

Feelings on the Internet

On the web, you can not find sensations.Feel the taste of your favorite tea, inhale the scent of peonies, run your hand over the book page and feel the pleasant roughness ... Can the Internet give it all? Of course not. You can take advantage of the latest technologies that transmit even a smell or taste through the network, the ability to “feel” the material, but they still will not create a complete image.

What else is not on the Internet

In virtual reality, you cannot find yourself, achieve harmony with yourself. All this will give only life experience. On the Internet, you will not get it - just as you will not get important life lessons, without which a person does not become a person. Here you can not expand the comfort zone, learn from mistakes - and this is real life.

On the Internet, you will not gain health, rather the opposite. Many people at the slightest signs of indisposition climb on the Internet in order to make a diagnosis with the help of dubious articles that they will prescribe and treat you. It sometimes helps, but it can easily hurt. It is better to consult a doctor and get qualified help.

If you sit on the Internet for a long time, you can earn visual impairment, curvature of the back, muscle weakness from passive spending time.Also on the Internet it is difficult to develop logical thinking, if aimlessly going from site to site. But the clip thinking is just a direct consequence of the constant finding of online, and this is the problem of modern people. A person with clip thinking loses the ability to analyze, think deeper, draw conclusions; it is difficult for him to focus on one thing, attention constantly wants to "jump". It is recommended for such people to read more - preferably classics and reduce spending time on the net.

Thus, it can be concluded that the global Internet is useful - it simplifies life and allows people from different parts of the world to communicate. But at the same time you should not forget about life around - it provides incredible opportunities. Do not neglect them.