What is scarlet fever?

Scarlet fever today is not a massive childhood disease. However, we all know that this disease is serious, its consequences can be terrible. You can become infected with scarlet fever by just talking to someone who is already ill. It is characteristic that the disease can cause an infection that has entered the body from a patient with a banal tonsillitis. After all, streptococcus, which causes it, can actively reproduce exclusively in the throat. So what is scarlet fever? How does it manifest and how difficult is it to treat?

Scarlet fever: symptoms and signs

As a rule, the onset of the disease should not be missed, or overlooked. Immediately there is a temperature high enough. Will definitely hurt the throat. But the rash, which is characterized by scarlet fever, appears only after a period of several hours. Scarlet fever rash is difficult to confuse with something else. The skin becomes pinkish, and the dots on it are brighter, rather, red. If you touch the skin, it will seem dry and rough.

It is important to pay attention to the nasolabial triangle.He stands out with a pale tint, as the child’s cheeks usually turn red. Ask the child to show the language. It will be bright, red color, on it convex nipples will be visible. If you look deeper, in the throat - then immediately there will be an association with angina. This is how scarlet fever usually occurs. The signs of the disease are indicative, all parents should know them.

Scarlet fever: treatment

Scarlet fever refers to bacterial infections. Therefore, its main treatment is in prescribing the necessary antibiotics. Doctors warn negligent parents: the course of drugs should not be interrupted or finished taking as soon as there is an improvement. It is very important to complete the treatment. If this is not done, complications are more than likely. The most severe and dangerous are the lesions of the heart and kidneys.

Sometimes it happens and unplanned. Careful and timely treatment with antibiotics may not allow immunity to develop. In this case, the child remains able to get sick again with scarlet fever. However, the second time the disease passes in a very mild form.

It will be worse if the scarlet fever is not treated at all. It is known that this disease almost always leads to the most severe consequences (even death) without treatment.With all this, the sick child, who consistently and correctly took the drugs (usually penicillin), recovers on schedule and does not show any complications.

Scarlet fever: prevention

It is noticed that scarlet fever almost always occurs in children. Photos of a child who has scarlet fever can be seen in any medical textbook. You can also find out that there is no special prevention of scarlet fever. If only to assume that the widespread strengthening of the child’s immunity. A kid who eats enough, walks well in the air, is cheerful and well-groomed - has every chance not to get scarlet fever from a sick comrade.

If someone gets sick in kindergarten, quarantine is unambiguously declared in the group. All children who have had contact with this child should be supervised by a specialist. However, parents also need to monitor his condition. It is important that they know how scarlet fever appears. Her incubation period is short - 2-7 days.

When a child ceases to excrete streptococcus, with it you can get out for a walk. To recognize the presence of this infection, you need to test a smear from the throat, usually it is done twice.Then the doctor gives the baby twelve more days for full recovery, and only then it is recommended to send him to kindergarten again.