What is the best way to remove hair in the armpits?

Unwanted body hair is unattractive and sloppy, especially in summer when the clothes are as open as possible. One of the most problematic places is the underarm area, and it is not easy to handle it. But the helpful information will help you choose the most appropriate method of hair removal.

Depilation or hair removal?

To get started is to understand how depilation is different from epilation. Depilation involves the removal of parts of hairs located above the surface of the skin. Only rods are removed, so the result is temporary, as the cover begins to grow again, and the procedure has to be repeated.

Epilation - complete hair removal, not only with the roots, but also with hair follicles. The bulb collapses, so that the rods do not develop, and the skin remains smooth and clean. Epilation in most cases is carried out in beauty salons, specialists and with the use of specialized equipment.

All methods of depilation

If you do not know how to remove the hair in the armpits on their own, then consider the option of depilation. But be prepared for the fact that the hair will need to be cleaned periodically and quite often, and the procedures can be painful.


Shaving is the most popular and affordable way, but not the best. Razor cuts hairs, because of what they begin to grow faster and become tougher. As a result, the next day there are thorny "hemp", and the procedure must be carried out again and again. In addition, the machine can damage the delicate skin of the armpits and provoke hair ingrowth and inflammation of the follicles.

If you stopped on shaving, then carry it out correctly to keep your underarm skin healthy and beautiful:

  1. Choose high-quality razors with multiple blades and protective elastic pads around the edges so that the hairs are cut off in one motion without injuring the skin.
  2. After shaving, wash the machine with soap every time, and even better treat it with an antiseptic to avoid skin infection. Keep the shaver in a closed case.
  3. Move the machine in the direction of growth of the hairs, and not against it, so as not to provoke ingrowth.
  4. Do not shave dry skin, apply on it a special shaving foam or at least shower gel.
  5. After depilation with a razor, lubricate the armpits with a moisturizing and emollient such as Panthenol. Also help decoctions of chamomile, coltsfoot, train.

Depilatory gels and creams

The use of creams and gels is a painless and effective way to remove unwanted hair. The agent is applied in a dense layer on the zone of hair, is aged for 10-15 minutes, then it is removed together with the hairs with a spatula. The rods are destroyed by the active ingredients of depilatory creams. And new hairs are much thinner.

Gels may not be suitable for the armpit area. First, the aggressive substances in the composition can irritate the delicate skin of this area. Secondly, the axillary hairs are stiffer than on the body, which makes their destruction more complicated.

The best creams and gels for effective depilation: “Velvet”, “Veet”, “Eveline”, “Oriflame”, “Tanita”, “Shary”, “Cliven”, “Baptist”, “Phytocosmetics”.


The epilator is a special cosmetology device that has a rotating head and small tweezers, fascinating hairs and tearing them out with roots.Typically, the device is used to remove hair from the legs or arms, and less suitable for underarms.

Removal by the epilator is very painful, because the underarm skin is thin and tender, but the hairs are tough, so it is unpleasant and painful to pull out, and this way injures the dermis and leaves traces in the form of reddening. But if you get used to it, the new growing hairs will become thin, and the discomfort will decrease with time.


The wax has a low melting point, that is, with a minimum thermal effect, it quickly turns into a liquid state, which the cosmetologists decided to use. Wax is sold in containers or applied on strips. It is convenient to use strips, but they are not suitable for armpits due to the anatomical features and the bends of the plot. Although short plates can be used. It is necessary to warm them up with your hands, attach to the zone, press down and abruptly remove, going against the growth of hairs.

The wax mass is heated in a microwave or in a water bath, with a spatula evenly distributed over the skin in the direction of the hairline. Next you need to wait for drying and sharply disrupt the formation against growth.

For your information! Waxing depilation causes discomfort and irritation of the skin of the armpits.


Listing modern methods of depilation, it is worth calling a shugaring. According to the principle of action, it is similar to the use of wax, but based on heated sugar paste, which can be purchased in ready-made form or prepared independently. It is distributed over the skin and sticks to the hairs, grabbing them securely. Then the mass layer is removed with a sharp movement. Another option is skiing around the area of ​​a sugar sticky lump, and this method is more suitable for depilation of underarms, since it allows processing cavities and bends in this area.

It is important to use sugar paste of the right consistency, otherwise the hairs will remain in their places. The mass is applied against the growth line to securely grip the rods, and is removed in the opposite direction to remove the roots.


Epilation is much more expensive, but, as a rule, less painful and gives a long lasting effect. Consider the existing hardware methods:

  • Laser hair removal is suitable for the underarm area, as the impact of the rays is just intended for dark hairs growing on light skin. The laser destroys bulbs with follicles, so the results are saved for a month.But for complete removal of unwanted hairs, it will take three to six sessions, since in one procedure only the elements that are in the phase of active growth are affected.
  • Photoepilation involves exposure to light waves, which, falling on the hairs, heat the melanin pigment. Heat accumulates in the bulb, and when heated, the follicles are destroyed, and the hairs just fall out. To achieve consistent results, you need to go through 8-10 procedures at intervals of once every three to four weeks. But the option is not suitable for fair-haired and fair-skinned women.
  • Electrolysis involves the impact of a weak current supplied to the hair follicles through the finest needles. There is a destruction of bulbs and hair loss. But the procedure is very painful, although at the request of the client a specialist can apply local anesthetics. And for the complete removal of a few procedures.
  • ELOS-epilation - a combined modern method, combining the effects of weak currents and high-frequency light pulses. As with other methods, you need to go through several sessions.

Important! Each method described above has certain contraindications, so you should consult with a qualified specialist before epilating.

Homemade recipes

For depilation can be used folk remedies, for example, such:

  1. At home you can make sugar paste. Combine 180 g of granulated sugar with three tablespoons of water and the juice of half a lemon. Heat the mixture and cook to the desired thickness, cool slightly and apply.
  2. Treat the hairs daily with a concentrated solution of potassium permanganate, that is, potassium permanganate.
  3. Mix 80 ml of alcohol with 15 ml of ammonia, 15 ml of castor oil and 4 grams of iodine. With this mixture, the hairs are treated twice a day, every day.
  4. It is necessary to combine non-slaked lime with calcium sulphite purchased at a pharmacy in equal proportions and add water to get the consistency of gruel. Blend the mixture on the problem area and stand for half an hour, then rinse with warm water.
  5. Get rid of unwanted "vegetation" in the armpits will help the usual 3% hydrogen peroxide. She needs several times a day to wipe the site. Gradually, the hair will become thinner and brighten.

If you need to remove armpit hairs, now you are aware of all effective methods of depilation and epilation. It remains to choose the right and proceed to the procedures.

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