What is the dream of the bathroom

The dreams in which you see the bathroom have a different interpretation. It all depends on the condition in which you and the vessel for washing. Water means purification, renewal. The cleaner it is, the better the prediction.

Autumn dream

A dream in which you wash in a bathtub full of clean water is a good sign. You will be cleared of bad reputation. Gathered in the bath with clean water, and she suddenly evaporated, wait for a trick from their colleagues. They prepare for you intrigues, as they envy your experience and success.

Summer dream

A dream in which the bathroom is filled - to improve well-being, a symbol of strong immunity and longevity.

Female dream book

Take a bath - to anxiety. You will be worried about your relationship with a loved one, worried that he has changed his position towards you. Seeing a bath for a pregnant woman should be careful, otherwise there will be an accident that will affect your situation. For a man's bath - his spouse is cheating on him. Wash with someone - a warning, you are surrounded by "unscrupulous" friends.They can slander you, spread gossip in which you will look unattractive. Bathroom with dirty water - beware, next to you is a very angry and cunning person.

If you bathe in cold and clear liquid - you have good health and excellent endurance. You know how to resist the wiles, to overcome difficulties and what they say "get off dry from the water."

Children's dream book

To dream of a bath - want to retire, take a break from annoying buddies.

Dream Yuri Longo

The famous magician gave excellent interpretations in which he described in detail: to see in a dream how to fill with water - you need to rethink your life. Perhaps you are not doing what is intended. Your creativity can bring more benefits to you and those around you. Do not be afraid to change anything in life. You take a warm bath and get pleasure from it - soon you will meet an old friend, and have a great time with him.

Talk about the past will make you remember about youth, youth and you will feel much younger. Fluid flows quickly - trust your strength and stop worrying about not being able to do anything on your own.Do not listen to detractors who say that you are not worth anything, they envy you. With aromatic substances - do not consider yourself to be an esthete, in fact, you still need to work on yourself, your behavior, culture. You get pleasure in water with foam - often think that your words will be offensive to your loved ones and friends.