What is the dream tsunami

This symbol personifies a turbulent life in public. To explain more precisely what the tsunami dreams about, various snolkateli will help to explain.

Dream interpretation Felomena

The tsunami in the visions of the dreamer is a forerunner of dark circumstances that will be destructive. Unfortunately, to influence these circumstances will not work, but you can try to minimize the damage from trouble.

Treatment given the characteristics of a dream

If a person sees in a dream a tsunami - will become a participant in the rapidly developing events.

When planning the future, the dreamer will have to take into account the consequences of the actions of the majority - this is what the tsunami in the city can dream about.

If in a dream you happened to watch a tsunami at sea, get ready for a difficult period in life. To solve problems, use all your capabilities - the work is long and laborious, but be patient.

To dream of a calm sea after a tsunami is a good sign. All your difficulties will soon be in the past.

Positive changes in professional or personal life expect a person if he sees a flood and a tsunami in night vision.

In real life, you’ll go to work, take part in mass events, solve social problems - this is the dream that a massive tsunami falls upon you at the time of the elements rampant.

The harbinger of unpleasant events is the dream, when a tsunami covers a man with his head. Many ambiguous urgent matters will come down at once. Ask friends or colleagues for help.

Vision, where you are trying to escape from the tsunami, warns about the likelihood of becoming a victim of fraudsters. Be afraid of new acquaintances, incomprehensible neighbors, and also old acquaintances whom you have not seen for a long time.

The dream, where you managed to stay alive after the tsunami, foreshadows rare luck. The time has come for the realization of the most audacious plans. You will easily overcome all obstacles on your way.

To dream, as a tsunami has bypassed - to luck. Nayawa expect positive changes in finance or in professional terms. Your income will grow, you make a good deal, you can move up the career ladder.

Dream interpretation Wangi

A tsunami in the dreams of the dreamer foreshadows worries and anxieties. The height of the waves determines the scale of these changes.

If a woman sees a tsunami in a dream - in reality there is a threat of a family collapse due to the appearance of a rival.